Abandon podcasts

Will I never listen to podcasts anymore? No, that’s not the case at all. What I’ve done is to abandon the Apple podcast app. I’ve been a big fan for a very long time. I’ve tried other apps but never thought anything else where good enough.

Until now. The last month I’ve stopped using the Apple podcast app completely. Instead I’ve started listen at podcasts through the Spotify app. I’ve tried it earlier but didn’t get hooked. Now its the only way I could or want to consume podcasts.

What happened? What really happened was Spotifys original content and their podcast Diktatorer which is the Swedish version of the english podcast Dictators. I listen to almost the whole first season of Diktatorer and somewhere along the way I realized how great it is to have podcasts and music in the same app and place on my phone. There is even a decent way to sort out podcast and music even if there possibilities to improve that functionality. As I remember it that funcunallity where that made me leave Spotify earlier when I’ve tried it as a podcast app. However, now it works in a way that I really like.


New Job!

First three weeks of my new job are done! I’m leaving one of Sweden’s top 5 largest construct companies in order to join a consultancy company with in the construction industry. 5 years as a contractor is over and it’s time for the next chapter in my career. I’m super excused to become a part of this multinational consultancy firm and looking forward to it.

Let’s do this!

Looking for a new Electric car?

That’s right! Within a very near future me and my family will sign a leasing deal on a new electric car. I’ve been looking at a some different options such as Volkswagen ID.4, Audi Q4, Hundai Ionic and some other cars as well.

What are we looking for?

First of all a car with a range around 500km. Why? Today we are driving a Nissan Leaf. So what we are looking for is a car with better range, which means a car that in theory can drive more than 275km. Around 500km is a distance I think will cover if not all at least most of our family’s needs.b

Second requirement is luggage space. Today we are around 415 litres and I’m looking for as much as possible. Which according to my research seams to be around 520-550 litres.

Then I’m looking for a cars that’s practical and also good value for money.

So what right now looks like the best options so the Volkswagen ID4. What electric car could you choose and why?

Top 3 Non Alcoholic Beers 2021

Since becoming a dad there have been drinking more non-alcoholic beers or lower ABV beers. What really impressed my is the selection and quality of these beers. I’m impressed! I think this category of beer has become been better over the last couple of years. Somehow, my top 3 beers in this category in 2021 really surprised me in a positive way. All of these beers can I see myself having as a standard beer for summer 2022.

Here are my top favorites that I’ve discovered during 2021. As you might have noticed I’m a big fan of Scandinavian beer so the first one is Danish, the second one is Norwegian, the ot, and the third one is from the UK or Wales to be more specific.

1. Implosion – To Øl

This juicy, fruity a bit sweet, and hoppy beer might be one of the best non-alcoholic beers that I’ve tasted. I did know that To Øl did great beer because it’s one of my absolute favorite breweries. However, I’ve never tasted one of their non-alcoholic beer. Now I just hope they make more non-alcoholic beer.

2. No Worries Pineapple – Lervig

A hoppy IPA with a distinct and a great taste of pineapple. This is a lot of pineapples, but I love it! I’ve tasted a few beers from Levig earlier but this really impressed me. This is one of these beers that just make sense as a non-alcoholic beer.

3. Clwb Tropica Non Alc. – Tiny Rebel Brewing Co

A hoppy tropical IPA with a taste of pineapple, passionfruit, citrus, mango, and peach. A totally new brewery and beer for me and a very pleasant surprise. This is a great non-alcoholic beer. This makes me really curious about what else this brewery has to offer. If you know more about this brewery please leave a comment. I’m super impressed!

F1 Dad

I’ve been a Formula 1 fan as a kid and teenager. Then something happened. I guess life happened and me and F1 drifted apart. I don’t I know what happened. Honestly I think that F1 started to be broadcasted at channels my family didn’t have. That might have been around 2000.

Since then me and formula 1 have been on different paths. Then my life was turned up side down when my son A arrived. That changed my life in just so many ways but one thing where that I started to be awake at night and other strange times during the day while A was sleeping on me. During those hours I needed something to keep my awake and entertained.

That’s when I found Drive to Survive on Netflix. I watched the first two seasons together with A and also started to follow the current season. Since then I’ve not only seen all the Drive to Survive episodes I also started to follow F1 again and love it. However, I don’t love how the last season ended.

In fact I like formula 1 so much that a tough of actually going on a trip to watch a race live starting to occupy my brain. We will see if it will happen within a foreseeable future. Anyway it’s good to be back and I’ve having a lot of fun discussions with my cousin D and Dad about it. Just that makes it fun.

Schedule for the first part of the 2022 season


In some poetic way it ends just the way it started. In our cottage in the forests of Dalsland, Sweden. all together with my family. My wife G, my son A and myself.

This year has been all about the family. First of all it’s been about my son A and raising him. He walked, he talked, we dove, we drove a boat and a lot of other things. I’ve been on parental leva for 6 months and have another one left before I get back to work. However, where I will be working from next year and on have also changed.

I got a new job. Anyway I think that might be worth a post if it’s own.

It’s also been about friend. I’ve got some new once and kept in touch with some old once.

We sold our apartment and live in our cottage for several months. They started building our new house.

A lot of things happen but as you might have noticed a lot of the things that happened, it just started. 2022 will hopefully be the more exciting version. See you next year.

By the way, Happy New Year!🎆🎊🎈

Following the construction

Right know they are building our house and we are following the process quite close. The house is up and the shell and frame is done. Right now they have just finished the final works on the roof and during the vacation the materials on the inside has hopefully dried up so they could start work in the interior walls with out any mold problems. It should be fine.

This photo is from a few days ago when we had been on the island of Marstrand and we just turned of the road spontaneously just to check out the progress of the house. We are super excited!

Ice cream stop in Dalsland

From time to time we take a boat trip to Köpmannebro in order to have a nice ice cream in a cosy environment. The boat trip there is also a beautiful trip.

My sister in law and here boyfriend takes pretty much all their guests on a boat trip here.

Let me put it this way. If you’re in the area or passing by it’s a nice place to stop by and relax in a cosy environment and have a generous amount of good ice cream to a good price.

20 000 steps as a Dad!

You might think that being home with a child is pretty chill. At least before you get children. I’ve been home full time just me with my son Arvid for about a week now. At the same time as I started being home with A in my own I fired up my Apple Watch and started to use it again.

Guess how many steps I have every day for the two most recent days? I walked 19750-19950 steps each of those days. That’s insane! I’ve got a job where I walk quite a lot I thought and back then I maxed out on maybe 17 000 steps. But most days at work is between 10000-12000 steps.

Will be interesting to see how all of this continue…

The terrace project

It started out with a fence in order to keep my 9 month old son from not falling of the terrace and it ended up as a bit more extensive project than expected. First of all I estimated the amount of material and calculated so I could minimize waste. Then my wife scrubbed the terrace. Then when we new how much materials we needed the entire family drove about and hour to the closes store for the buildings materials we needed and back. After that I rubbed down the terrace surface and after that i oiled it. Then I measured and cut up the materials in the right lengths and my amazing wife built the fence. Took about 3 quite intense days with a kid for us. Super happy with the result.

Work in progress
Done! ✅