Rewatching Friends

It all started when me and my girlfriend just moved in together back in Gothenburg. Usually when we ate we watch some tv. By the way we fire still does this. But back then we watched all 10 seasons of the tv-series Friends. Which probably is one of the best “feel-good-tv-shows” ever. Then last week we bought Netflix and now we’ve started to rewatch Friends again. Think we seen approximately haft of the first season this weekend alone.

Don’t think we seen the last episode for this weekend yet either. It will in the end probably be rewatching the entire series during this autumn. Then I heard that it was the years ago they broadcasted the last episode so there you go the perfect excuse to see it all again.


Bus back to Oslo

Was a short visit in Gothenburg and Kungabacka and I’m on my way back to Oslo again. Nice and quite bus ride and watching some CHL hockey. Been a nice trip even if it was short and I got some time with the family which always are great.


In about 2 weeks there will be national elections in Sweden an since I’m a Swedish citizen I hade done my duty and vote today. I usually say what I voted for but not in this public. However did you know that most Swedes don’t say to other people what they vote for not even their friends. That’s a bit old school and I’m not that old so my friends know where I stand. Here they call it the election secret.


On the road to Sweden

Okey, had an intense day at work and a tight schedule in order to get on the bus in time. Bus is except car probably the fastest way to travel in between Oslo and Göteborg. I am now on the bus and have aten dinner and the hot weather made water bottle just disappear.

Anyway will arrive tonight and will stay at a friend until tomorrow.  Have some musts before lunch and after that will I take the train south to my home town Kungsbacka. In Kungsbacka I will see some family and maybe if I got time also my grandmother and grandfather. Usually call them a few times a week but could be nice to see them.

Just got some great news from my girlfriend that we will go skiing in the Norwegian mountains this winter and have gotten a cabin to borrow.

Hope I can get a post out from the beautiful city of Gothenburg tomorrow.

See you!


Intensiv vecka

Just nu är jag uppe i en völdigt intensiv vecka. Men nu har halva veckan gått. I går hade vi några vänner på besök i från Sverige och det var supertrevligt. Insåg dock att jag missat ganska mycket under den tid jag vatit borta.

Så i går kväll tog jag mig lite tid och hörde av mig till vänner hemma i Sverige.  Kändes bra och är viktigt för mig att vara en bra vän. Familjen har varit lite prio och ringer min farmor nästan dagligen för att se hur det är med henne och farfar. Hur som helst, i kväll skall jag träffa min far en vända som är i stan vilket är kul.

Ha en fin kväll!

Swedish friends dinner

Last night we had some friends on dinner. It was really nice to see them. Was a long time and realized that I missed some big things such as engagements back home.

But it was a really great evening. Tonight will I see my Dad that visiting Oslo for a few days.

Best Book Read All Year



I have not read that many books this year to be honest with you much because the job and other things have taken up a lot of time but I have read a few or in fact more books that I probably ever done in a year earlier. This book is without a doubt the best book I have read this year. Thats why I want to recommend it. Its a crime novel about a detective who investigates two crimes and more than that will I not tell you.

Have you read it? Please share you thought and recommend med similar books.

Tonight me and my girlfriend have dinner with a friend that I’ve studied with and his girlfriend. Will probably write a little bit about it tomorrow.





Intense upcoming week

The upcoming week will be intense. First of all I will work as usual. Second, I will have guest both Tuesday and Wednesday here in Oslo. Thursday I will travel to Gothenburg for things I have to fix there at Friday morning. Then the journey will continue to Kungabacka at Friday evening to visit my mom and hopefully I will see my sister and maybe my grandparents. Then it’s back to Oslo early Sunday and after that there will probably just be to relax and load the batteries for next week.

Oh, one more thing I have a wedding speech I have to start preparing. Never written any before but I think I will manage it. All tips welcome by the way.

See you tomorrow!

Thanks readers

Monday and back to reality. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all you who started following me and reading my blog. Busy day today so just a short post.

The blog is developing as you see and I’m trying to improve it all the time. Always a lot of ideas but the next idea right now is to record a second episode of the Swedish hockey podcast in soundcloud. First episode is released but hope the get episode number two out there soon as well. Will keep you posted when that’s done on the blog. Otherwise I will visit Sweden this weekend. Feels great and looking forward to it. Just a quick visit but will be nice.

John Mayer is a guitar god.

The world is still spinning and I have to recommend my favorite artist right now. John Mayer, I’ve listened to him two times live this year and there is simply no better modern guitarist right now. Just listen at him jam in live versions it’s magic.