Intense upcoming week

The upcoming week will be intense. First of all I will work as usual. Second, I will have guest both Tuesday and Wednesday here in Oslo. Thursday I will travel to Gothenburg for things I have to fix there at Friday morning. Then the journey will continue to Kungabacka at Friday evening to visit my mom and hopefully I will see my sister and maybe my grandparents. Then it’s back to Oslo early Sunday and after that there will probably just be to relax and load the batteries for next week.

Oh, one more thing I have a wedding speech I have to start preparing. Never written any before but I think I will manage it. All tips welcome by the way.

See you tomorrow!

Thanks readers

Monday and back to reality. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all you who started following me and reading my blog. Busy day today so just a short post.

The blog is developing as you see and I’m trying to improve it all the time. Always a lot of ideas but the next idea right now is to record a second episode of the Swedish hockey podcast in soundcloud. First episode is released but hope the get episode number two out there soon as well. Will keep you posted when that’s done on the blog. Otherwise I will visit Sweden this weekend. Feels great and looking forward to it. Just a quick visit but will be nice.

John Mayer is a guitar god.

The world is still spinning and I have to recommend my favorite artist right now. John Mayer, I’ve listened to him two times live this year and there is simply no better modern guitarist right now. Just listen at him jam in live versions it’s magic.

Love weekend breakfasts

I love weekend breakfasts because I can eat aloe and take my time both eating and to make it. That’s a way to relaxing and just enjoy.

Some years ago my girlfriend found a simple recipe on banana pancakes where the basics for each portion is simply one egg and one banana. If you want to try google for banana pancakes.

That will be my breakfast today together with some fresh blue berries and some jam.

Good morning and hope you get a nice Saturday.


Friday and weather

Friday and the weekend approaching. An mixed week of stuff but will be great with some weekend. Will stay at home in Oslo which will be nice. Hope for some nice weather.

If you haven’t understood it yet is the weather a very important thing for Swedes. It’s a topic that you always can use with a Swede. In my experience it works less good in Norway.

Even if the it countries a much a like there are also many differences.

Have a nice Friday everybody!

Thursday with sport

Been a good day today even if the weather not have been perfect. But I got the opportunity to watch team Sweden get another medal in the European championships in Swimming from Berlin. Great stuff.

I know that there have been CHL hockey premier tonight but unfortunately I haven’t got the time to watch any of it. Hope I might get some time to catch up a bit tomorrow with some highlights.

A lot of must do things right now but it will cool down within the end of next week. Yeah, the blog is now up and running, feels great.

En torsdag helt enkelt

Bloggen rör sig sakta framåt men i tyvärr kanske inte så fort som jag önskat men alltid kul med lite projekt.

I kväll sänder SVT CHL på deras play kanal som jag hade hoppats att jag kunnat bevaka men tyvärr är jag upptagen med annat så får hoppas att jag hinner se någon annan match framöver.

Suttit och samlat lite material till nästa avsnitt av min engelska hockey podd dock som jag hoppas kunna spela in om två veckor.

Den engelska bloggen har gått helt ok sen jag startade den och har fått följare och läsare vilket ä roligt.

Framöver hoppas jag på att kunna dela med dig av mina upplevelse i från i sommras. Men det får vänta lite.

Just nu finns det annat jag måste ägna mig åt men allt har sin tid så var lugna det kommer.

Slänger med en liten bild av Oslo i dag.