Intense day

Been a intense day. After work I just did a quick stop at home before before I headed of to the gym. On my way I also called M and talked to her for the first time since her wedding. Was nice to talk to her and it was fun to catch up.

After the gym it was home to make some dinner. Today we made some Indian food. Real good. Really like Indian food.

And now me and G are continuing on the rewatch of Friends.


Modern Family Season 6

I am like kick’n back on the sofa of just laying in bed from time to time just watching some TV-series. Mostly I watch American series, not that much that catches my intrest of the Swedish or Norwegian once but there are still some from Scandinavia I really like. I think I get back to that some other time.

Now, Modern Family is one of my favorite TV-serie right now and a few days ago I discoverd that the all new season six just have started. So watched the first epeisode and got to say that it still keeps up. I really liked it and think ,it continued in the same style as it always been. However I won’t tell you more if you have missed the series I don’t wanna spoil it for you by telling you too much.

Greats series, recommend it, watch it if you like comedy!

Sunday Hiking 2

Few weeks ago me and my girlfriend G was out hiking and we really liked it. So when we woke up this morning the skies where clear blue and the sun was shining. Then it became a bit cloudy but we got out anyway.

To be honest with you the first plan was to hike about 5 km quite easy but then we decided we wanted to visit a new place we haven’t been to so far and we chose track by gut feeling.

Short story is that we ended up getting a beautiful over 10 km hike and got distracted by both picking mushrooms that we can use in cocking for autumn and the winter and a classic waffle stop on the way out in the stunning Norwegian nature.

Yeah, the day became a bit different from what we planed but he got a grey day together and in order to relax and stress off this was just what I needed.

Here some pictures from today!





Billy Elliot Musical

Bought spontaneously tickets to the Billy Elliot musical here in Oslo I few days ago. Last night I saw the show. Must say that it was an impressive production. Beautiful decor that really added to the surroundings and the feeling of the musical.

The singers, dancers and actors were real good. Then this was off course the Norwegian version of it that made me as a Swede miss a few things.

It’s set up at the Folketeater and let’s say it’s okay but not the best venues I’ve been to.

So would I recommend it? Yes, it was a good and solid musical.

Warming up to NHL

NHL season starts to warm up. Pre season games starts and the blogs and news about the start become more and more frequent. I’m happy for this, soon can I follow also the NHL. For all of you that wonder what favorite team I have, it’s the New York Rangers. One of the original six, classic team and they got Henrik Lundquist.

So as you might understood that already.

Soon it on!

Sunny Friday!

I have not very much planed this weekend except some work tomorrow but that’s okey. I’m staying in Oslo this weekend and it feels great to not travel anywhere. I like traveling but it makes me also appreciate to just be home in Oslo.

Oh, right I have one thing planed this weekend and that is to go on a musical tomorrow which I really looking forward to.

So for tonight I hope to get time and place for my work meeting tomorrow so I can plan the rest of the weekend and then I hope for a good dinner maybe some wine and to just be with my girlfriend.

I have some plans for next week but I will let you know ably that during next week. But I promise to tell you about it.

Running Thursday

Thought I hit the gym today but then something changed. Don’t know why, probably because its been nice weather and that I felt that I had to clear my head after a day at week. So I went running in the Vigelands Park (kind of Oslo’s’ answer to Central Park). As it not was enough that I got out running in the sun and clear blue sky afternoon Oslo I also did my longest run in a long time and in a time that probably is my best time ever. Might be something wrong with my Runkeeperapp but who cares I believe in it and think I had a great workout!

Best Norwegian Candy

So I lived here now for more than a year and such a sweet tooth I’m the I available candy you can buy in stores has been tested.
Best over all is Sega men translated quickly into old lazy men. They are great tasting and absolutely best value for many.

Another favorite is Polly chocolate which is chocolate with salty peanuts in. That is good. They has also a kind where they also added caramel cream which makes it similar to snickers but better in my opinion.

There you got it. A Norwegian candy review or something like that.


The Podcast Hunt

I have listed to podcast since at least 2006 and always looking for new good podcast to follow. So this post have two purposes. First to recommend my favorite English podcast right now and then I hope to get you favorites.

Right now there are only two of my favorite podcasts that are in English. One about tech and one that are more general and that I have difficulties to define but I would call it entertainment.

This week in tech
California based podcast with discussions about tech news from every week and they also talks about trends within the tech area. Like the host Leo of the show and he has always interesting guests that provide the show with different perspectives.

The Filip and Fredrik podcast
The biggest podcast in Sweden for many years and this summer they rebranded their podcast and started to do it in English. Small talk between two guys. I think you have to listen to it to understand I can simply not explain it.

What podcasts are your recommendations? Please leave them in the comments below.