In the spirit of tonights Apple event

Guess if I am excited for tonights Apple event. This is the big one, the one where we know we will see something new. The question is what? We with most certainly knows we will see two new iPhones one in regular size and one in a larger size.

The I really hope to see something new, which then most likely would be an iWatch but that we don’t know thats pure speculation. Probably will they realse iOS8 and OSX Yosemite is my best guess at least the first one but the second one I think will be at least close behind.

In the spirit of the upcoming evnet I found an absolutly genius movie from IKEA that I just had to post and the timing with the Apple event is perfect which I not think is a co-inciedent.

Looking forward until tonight and really hope I will be able to catch it and that the job not will come inbetween. But if it does its always work first and I will catch up on the video later.


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