Sunday Hiking 2

Few weeks ago me and my girlfriend G was out hiking and we really liked it. So when we woke up this morning the skies where clear blue and the sun was shining. Then it became a bit cloudy but we got out anyway.

To be honest with you the first plan was to hike about 5 km quite easy but then we decided we wanted to visit a new place we haven’t been to so far and we chose track by gut feeling.

Short story is that we ended up getting a beautiful over 10 km hike and got distracted by both picking mushrooms that we can use in cocking for autumn and the winter and a classic waffle stop on the way out in the stunning Norwegian nature.

Yeah, the day became a bit different from what we planed but he got a grey day together and in order to relax and stress off this was just what I needed.

Here some pictures from today!





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