Friday thoughts

This week has passed by fast, again. Have gotten things done this week and both increased the amount of workout sessions this week and got some time for some photograph. Made a time lapse two days ago of the beautiful sunset over Holmenkollen here in Oslo.

Don’t know but have thought a lot in Sweden and the fact that I’ve never been outside of Sweden this long before. A bit strange feeling that this is my home and my apartment here I see as home but Sweden still feels like come on the level when it come to countries. Can’t really describe it as you might realize while reading this.

However, what’s my plans for the weekend? I don’t really have that much plans I hope I get out in the nature but will a usually also be some things that’s have to be done at home. Then I’m going for nice dinner at home. Otherwise no plans yet, we will see who it turns out.

Also have almost two months of being active here after the relaunch of the blog now. Still it’s growing steady which makes me very happy and inspires me to continue. And if keeps me thinking of how I could improve it.


Music in general

I really love music both write, listen and play. I have also almost never just listed to one specific genre. Except for a short period as a teenager when I just listed to hard rock. Thats over now.

However, yesterday I started listening at the 70’s band Chicago. Realized that there are some really good songs in their archive. So now I’m looking forward to get some time to listen more on them.

Last couple of years I also stared to like country and country influenced music. Can’t really explain why but to be honest I think it has a lot to do with the good guitarist that you can find in that segment.

Otherwise so has G introduce to more indie music than I listed to before. But still much of the music is rock and pop.

I could probably mentions most type of music but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Recommendation for the weekend, take time and listen to music you like.

Thursday discoveries

Been a nice evening, talked to both my grandmother, dad, my little sister and to my friend M. After that I stopped by at the gym. Not a very long stop but still an okey workout season.

After that I made dinner kind of pasta bolognese. And when I prepared dinner I kind of rediscovered the band Chicago that I’ve been listening to earlier, but it was a while since last. Like their music.

When I went home today I also discovered that the first Christmas decorations now are up here in the neighborhood.


Outside of Sweden

Been many intense periods durning the late summer and autumn so far for me. Included some traveling and been to Sweden a couple of times but now I have no plans to visit Sweden until Christmas. So almost two months without seen my beloved Sweden. Have never been outside of Sweden that long before.

Must just make clear that I really like to live in Norway so can’t complain about my life here at all.

Have nice evening.


Bird on the wall

Me and G have a rather Scandinavian and white apparent when it comes to interior. So we have been out looking for something with color that we can have for example on the wall.

A few days ago I found it a print with a colibrie on the interior design store here close by where we live. So now have it came up in our new self. Think it look quite good if I can say it myself.


My happy place

Here is where I spent my last day of this summer vacation. It’s not that it was the last day of the vacation but that it just was a perfect day in the environment that I love the most. On the rocks by the salt sea with some food, a book and the once I love the most in warm and sunny weather.

And it has to be on the Swedish west coast. I’m sorry I’m a west coast guy I am born end raised here and that gives you demand like this.

This is heaven on earth for me and for you that like to visit I can recommend that getting out from Gothenburg to the sea it will be worth it.

Oatly yoghurt review

Oatly is right now a real cool brand here in Sweden and Norway and yesterday I tried out their yoghurt or as they call it oatgurt. This is right now among the coolest things you can eat here right now and super hyped. So as mentioned I tried it and thought I would share a review with you of this.

The container is in my oppinion good looking because its a small angel on the top of it that makes it different. really like the design. Price is less good, it was expensive, I would say it’s at least twice as expensive as ordinary yoghurt.

Taste, don’t even get me started. This was among the worst thing I eaten. Sorry but for the first time in the history of this blog I DO NOT RECOMMEND you to taste this. Doesn’t matter if its healthy and cool it don’t taste good.


Submarine post #2

As you all know there is 28th of October today. In Swedish history books that is the day where the Soviet submarine U-137 got stuck in the souther archipelago of Sweden outside the city of Karlskrona.

This is why I as mentioned have difficult to just ignore that the Russians has submarines in Swedish waters. There you go a little but of Swedish history. This is what it looked like 33 years ago today.

Promise, right know I think this is the last post about submarines for a while.

Draft Day

A few days ago I got some time to just relax and watch a movie. The movie of my choice this time was Draft Day with Kevin Costner who by the way is great in this role in my opinion.

However, I thought I would share my thoughts on the movie. A already said Kevin Costner is great and a really love to see Jennifer Garner in the female lead as the girlfriend in the movie.

For all you who missed that the movie is about the game behind the scenes of the NFL draft day. I recently started to follow the NFL and be interested in American football. This is a classic sports movie and more of a drama. Usually I would be very reserved about this kind of movies but this one I really like. In fact it’s one of the better movies I have seen in a long time, especially in this genre.

Verdict: Recomended!

I saw the movie Draft Day a few days ago and thought that I will share my thought on it.

Winter time

Last weekend we turned our clock one hour back because of winter. This in order to adjust to the sunlight. Don’t know if something that done in more parts of the world that’s the case please tell me. Because I had that question in my head for a few days but haven’t had the time to google it yet.

But it’s getting dark outside now but because we have adjusted to winter time I had more sunlight when I’m going to work in the mornings and that’s very nice. Almost November now and I have some plans for November but can’t tell you just yet. You have to wait and see a little bit more.

Here is a photo from a few evenings ago.