Grand Hotel in Lund

Last weekend I stayed at Grand Hotel in Lund, this classic hotel in a classic Swedish town.

I’m not one of the most frequent hotel guest but this was the most expensive and luxuries hotel I stayed at. I think is about 210$/night but it wasn’t the cheapest room at the hotel. It feel luxuries to stay here even if it was a gap small gap between the beds that made it a bit pointless with a double bed. Any way I think the room was real nice but by me that are working within the construction industry I think it would have been even nicer if the had payed attention to the details in the carpenters work.

The breakfast was without a doubt the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever ate. Could almost recommend it just because of the breakfast.

The location is also great in the centre if the town. Near to most kind if communications.

Would I recommend it? Yes!
Rating? 4 out of 5 starts from me.






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