Friday thoughts

This week has passed by fast, again. Have gotten things done this week and both increased the amount of workout sessions this week and got some time for some photograph. Made a time lapse two days ago of the beautiful sunset over Holmenkollen here in Oslo.

Don’t know but have thought a lot in Sweden and the fact that I’ve never been outside of Sweden this long before. A bit strange feeling that this is my home and my apartment here I see as home but Sweden still feels like come on the level when it come to countries. Can’t really describe it as you might realize while reading this.

However, what’s my plans for the weekend? I don’t really have that much plans I hope I get out in the nature but will a usually also be some things that’s have to be done at home. Then I’m going for nice dinner at home. Otherwise no plans yet, we will see who it turns out.

Also have almost two months of being active here after the relaunch of the blog now. Still it’s growing steady which makes me very happy and inspires me to continue. And if keeps me thinking of how I could improve it.


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