Submarine post #2

As you all know there is 28th of October today. In Swedish history books that is the day where the Soviet submarine U-137 got stuck in the souther archipelago of Sweden outside the city of Karlskrona.

This is why I as mentioned have difficult to just ignore that the Russians has submarines in Swedish waters. There you go a little but of Swedish history. This is what it looked like 33 years ago today.

Promise, right know I think this is the last post about submarines for a while.

Draft Day

A few days ago I got some time to just relax and watch a movie. The movie of my choice this time was Draft Day with Kevin Costner who by the way is great in this role in my opinion.

However, I thought I would share my thoughts on the movie. A already said Kevin Costner is great and a really love to see Jennifer Garner in the female lead as the girlfriend in the movie.

For all you who missed that the movie is about the game behind the scenes of the NFL draft day. I recently started to follow the NFL and be interested in American football. This is a classic sports movie and more of a drama. Usually I would be very reserved about this kind of movies but this one I really like. In fact it’s one of the better movies I have seen in a long time, especially in this genre.

Verdict: Recomended!

I saw the movie Draft Day a few days ago and thought that I will share my thought on it.

Winter time

Last weekend we turned our clock one hour back because of winter. This in order to adjust to the sunlight. Don’t know if something that done in more parts of the world that’s the case please tell me. Because I had that question in my head for a few days but haven’t had the time to google it yet.

But it’s getting dark outside now but because we have adjusted to winter time I had more sunlight when I’m going to work in the mornings and that’s very nice. Almost November now and I have some plans for November but can’t tell you just yet. You have to wait and see a little bit more.

Here is a photo from a few evenings ago.


Workout and soup

Monday and a new week ahead of us. But started the week on a goo note with getting to the gym after work for a workout. Even if it not was the best workout season I had was it okey. Tired afterwards at least.

After that I was a bit lazy and took the tram home and took a shower before I got away to the store. Was a bit tired which also means confused in the grocery store so bought most of the thing I had on my list and forgot some but compensated by buying things I didn’t need also so will use that later this week.

Some days are just that way and it’s not much to do about it than just live with it and smile.

For dinner I did goulash soup and pretty pleased with the result. But now it’s time to sleep.

See you tomorrow!

The blog continues

I am so great full for the development of the blog. I really enjoy writing at in the blog and it makes me very happy and great full that so many of you are following and reading it.

Thank you to all of you reading the blog!

Still Sunday

Today me and G didn’t get out on a hike but we took a long walk here in the city instead which was really nice.

And now I have just made Sunday Dinner and I tried something new today. Made some Indonesian chicken.

Been a great Sunday!



Tested the crossover between a dounut and a croissant some time ago and it’s so good. I was sceptic at first but then I found it in an ordinary food store in Sweden. So I had it try it and it was tasting great. One of the the best desert I’ve ever tasted.

If you get a chance to try it, do it.