First advent

Don’t know if it exist in the rest the world but today it’s the first advent. That means that it’s the first out of four Sundays before Christmas Eve.

That means lighting the candles, eating gingerbread and drinking the traditional drink Glögg that is muled wine and also to drink Julmust that apparently is translated into Christmas root beer. These two drinks are really nice. But think I will get back to you more on that topic later. And in fact they are really specific for Sweden that they don’t have them in Norway so we had to import these things especially so we could have them at home now in December.



Hotel breakfast with dad

As I written earlier has my dad and his girlfriend visited over the weekend. So rather early to be a Sunday morning me and G took a walk to their hotel and are breakfast with them.

Can’t help it but always nice with a good hotel breakfast but not all that live up to the standard. However this breakfast did. The breakfast at the Radisson blu at Holbergsplass here in Oslo is good but not the best I ever had. But I would say above average.

After the breakfast we took a walk help them pack their car and then we hangout just in our apartment for an hour before they started their trip back to Sweden. Always nice to have them visiting and had a great weekend.

They had a rather nice view from their hotel room.


Museum with modern art

Today I’ve visited the Astrup Fearnley Museeum here in Oslo. Been thinking of visiting this museum but today I finally got to visit it. Visited it together with my dad and his girlfriend.

First part of the exhibition looked like it where sponsored by Samsung so I instantly disliked that part. But found these paintings that I liked.



Then we saw a lot of strange things among these things where the cow below that had been spit in half.



But the installations, paintings and photos I liked the most where these below.





Got to say that I found some things that I really liked but a lot of this where very strange. So would probably not recommend it if you not are more interested in modern art than me which maybe not is that difficult. But had a good time together with dad and his girlfriend.

Dinner with dad

Late night dinner tonight with dad and his girlfriend. After work today I went home and prepared a bit for dad’s visit in town. Went fine and I got a bit into my Christmas mode. Can’t barely wait for Christmas.

So when dad arrived I meet them at their hotel and helped them get to their room with their stuff. Then we went looking for a parking spot and after that we had dinner at our apartment. Was real nice to just eat and have some wine and sit and chat with them.

However, now I’m tired after a log week and it’s time to get to bed. Tomorrow thee will be some adventures in the city and the museum of modern art is likely.

Good night!


Christmas gifts & snow

Christmas is getting closer and yesterday G sneak started with the Christmas music in our home and it’s just the begging of it because we both love Christmas songs.

Even the weather is getting more Christmas. When I went home from work today it was snowing. So beautiful when it’s snowing and the dark winter evening underneath the street lights.

Then me and G have decided that we will make each other a little Christmas calendar with small gifts until Christmas so today I bought the last gifts. Looking forward towards this.


Wednesday thoughts and traces of Chrismas

Last night I got into more existential thoughts of a few different reasons and I haven’t abandoned those thought entirely yet.

But anyway I’m in a better mood this evening than last evening. But it’s really getting dark here in Oslo now. And this morning it was cold I was also up earlier than I used to. However, haft time for this week and we are heading towards the Christmas month of December that all about family and you loved once. But first this upcoming weekend my dad and his lady friend as I describe her will visit me and G here in Oslo. Are really looking forward to this, will be great to see them. But that means I have to get things in order during this week before their arrival.

Been a slow day today and haven’t got so much done as I had hoped for but that’s just the way it is from time to time. As you can see small indications of Christmas starts to show in my home.


Take care of your loved once

Okey what I will write about now might be seen as cheese and empty word but it’s really not. Today have I realized that even if I think I have problems and things like that I really don’t. Today I had a moment where I realized that I really don’t have any problems and that I’m very lucky by having the life that I have right now. So now I’m on my way to the gym in order to try to improve the odds of a long and lucky life.

Take care you and your family and friends that’s what really matters in life. I leave it at that for today.

Take care!