Memories and tips of Gothenburg

A few days ago I went through some photos from my walks back in Gothenburg and I know that the photo below is probably one of the most classical photos of Gothenburg with the Göteplatsen and the street you’re seeing is the Kungsportsavenyn or just The Avenue as we say in Gothenburg.

To just stand up there by night and look down is something I probably always will think is beautiful. There are a nice museum at Göteplatsen with the Hasselblad center with focus on photography as well.

During December this street also as a lot of Christmas lighting thats very beautiful to see if you are passing by or planning a visit during this time of the year.

This is truly a city that I love in the world and think I might love it a bit more now when I don’t live there anymore. I lived in Gothenburg for about 8 years and are born and raised 30 km south of it so always been close. It still not that far away and are visiting from time to time, in fact it’s just 300 km between Oslo and Gothenburg.



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