Monday and dinner with dad

Monday and the week is taking of at full pace. Full of new energy after a visit to Sweden and a lot of plans for the upcoming week. Tonight I’m home alone when G is away on an award show with her job and get back first tomorrow. But my dad will arrive to Oslo tonight, he’s here to work so we will have dinner together later tonight. Which I am looking forward to even if we saw each other as late as last Saturday.

However the week a head have plans where dinner with dad tonight is the first thing. Then the next more exciting and a bit out of the ordinary is that me and G will go away for the weekend to the mountains and a skiresort. Its a bit early on the season so we will see if we get any snow if not the plan is to hike in the area. What we know is that there not will be any alpine skiing but if there is any snow we might be able to do some cross-country skiing.

Doesn’t matter that much to me if we get any snow. One of the things I think will be nice is to see more of Norway and to get outside of Oslo for a few days and experience some new parts of this beautiful country.

We will see if you get to see any more pictures like this during this week.






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