A relaxed Sunday

Been a chill Sunday. My friend S that have stayed this weekend and have been sleeping in my living room/kitchen. Today he sleepy in so I took the opportunity to read a bit, watch later episode of white collar and to listen at two podcast episodes of varvet international. First I listed to the episode with David Fincher and then to the episode with Michael Connely. A real good podcast that I really could recommend. By the way is the book I’m reading right now written by Michael Connely.

When S woke up we had breakfast and watched some Nordic Skiing/ Cross country skiing completion in Swedish television. Then we packed up and I followed S down to the bus station.
We had a great weekend hanging out.

Then I went home watched some tv-series. Wrapped some Christmas gifts to G and also made some food and cleaned some little in the apartment.

G just arrived home again from her week away so hanged out with her a little bit and will be nice to have a week together. Tomorrow is a special day in my life but I tell you about that tomorrow.

This Sunday just flew by but times goes by fast now.




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