Day on town and lake walk

Wa late last night when me and S where catching up so slept in this morning.

Today we have hangout on town and where shopping. I bought a new sweater and a new T-shirt at samsø samsø that is a Norwegian clothing brand. Really like their stuff. The I found a few Christmas gifts in another stores.

Then me and S had some street food. Ate a deer burger with sour cream and lingonberry jam. That tasted real good.

We after that took a walk abound the lake up in Sognsvann. Nice to get out a bit in woods for a while.

This night me and S had Indian food and played some guitar an continue to catch up. Had a great night but now it’s time to say bye for today. See you tomorrow.





Mr. S has arrived and beer tasting

Friday and the weekend ahead of us all. Tonight my good friend S have arrived for the weekend in Oslo. G is away with a friend in Stockholm so here it’s a guys weekend. No real plans got tonight more than just hanging out and catching up. I have moved and he have gotten a new job so happens a lot since we saw each other last time last summer. And still it feels like yesterday when we hangout.

Started by having a beer on the roof tresses and the a dinner in the apartment, a bit cold to be outside in Oslo tonight.

This evening we are having a relaxed beer tasting here home in the apartment. Promising and very entertaining when we rather creative describe taste, color and bottle design. Winners of the beer test will most likely be presented in the blog tomorrow.

Peace out for tonight!


Evening at home

Okey tomorrow it’s Friday again bit first I have tonight. G is out traveling this week but tonight is here only evening at home so we are hanging out and eating and spending it together here at home.

But tomorrow is Friday and my lifeguarding buddy from Gothenburg is coming to visit me over the weekend. Haven’t seen him since last summer so really looking forward to hang out with him.

I’ve also gotten some time to watch my favorite Swedish hockey team to play. A real good game so far.

Memory lane and photos from New York

Half weeks gone and I’ve been continuing to do some musts at home at the same time as I’m working at getting the system for pictures to work better on my computer. I’m looking especially for pictures from the trip to New York City in winter of 2013.

While looking through some of the pictures I’m discovering new favorites. The fact that I found new favorites surprised me a little bit to be honest with you. That trip to New York where truly an amazing trip and would love to visit New York again soon. I am sure that I will share more photos from that trip here in the blog later.However, could I not stop myself from at least share some pictures from that trip now.


S will be visiting

Then it’s decided and tickets are booked. My old lifeguarding buddy S are coming up to visit me on Friday and will stay over the weekend. Will be awesome, haven’t seen him in almost six months now so will be great to get to spend some time together.

S is one of my absolute closest friend but also one of my newest friends. We got to know each other during a lifeguarding education a few years back and since then been good friends.

So really looking forward to hang out with him this weekend.

Photos from the weekend in the mountain

Yesterday I hoped to get some things done at home but in stead I just had time to eat and to load the photos to my Mac from the weekend in the mountains. But today has been a more productive day here at home. I have done some must do things here at home and at the same time I have worked with some photos I’ve taken. I also finally exported the photos to files that I can upload to the blog.

So here come some photos from the weekend in the mountains and my hike on the mountain peak.

_DSC6208 _DSC6214 _DSC6217 _DSC6227 _DSC6236 _DSC6253 _DSC6297 _DSC6314 _DSC6319

Started fixing photos from the weekend

Monday and back to work and reality. Had an amazing weekend in the mountains and now I’m unloading the DSLR camera from pictures to my Mac. Hope some of the photos are good, but think that will wait and see until later this week. Will not rally have time to take a look at it today, just looked through it and I can see that movement is my biggest enemy while photographing. Some still looks okey but want to check them a bit more out before I share more of them but there is one at least.


This week I’m home alone and I got some plans at least for the weekend but you will get to know about that on Wednesday when I hope everything has fallen into place for the weekend.

Time to get ready for tomorrow.

Submarine confirmed

Oh I’ve got to get back to the submarine hunt I wrote about a few weeks ago. The Swedish military has now confirmed that it was a foreign submarine has operated in Swedish waters.

There is without any doubt a submarine belonging to another nation that where on Swedish terror dry in October. This according to the Swedish armed forces itself.

The Swedish prime minister had also clearly stated that if this happens again the Swedish military will be allowed to use force against such units.

This is the most clear statement I can remember of this kind since the 80’s in Sweden. This where confirmed last Friday and I’m now catching up.

Attached a news clip here below that talk about the incident.

Back in the city

Day started of my waking up in the cabin up on the mountain. Had some breakfast, cleaned the cabin an left around noon. Took some about 4 hours to drive down to Oslo with a stop to eat and a stop at G’s job to hand over some things there.

So been back in Oslo now for a few hours and packed up had dinner and done some must do thing before the upcoming week starts tomorrow.

G will be away for the upcoming week with her job so I will run the show here in Oslo this week. But next weekend it planned that my friend S will show up and we will hang out and get some time to catch up. Really looking forward to that.

Otherwise no real ideas for the week ahead right now but I’m sure there will come up things.

Been a great weekend and hope to get up to the mountains again soon. Maybe in the beginning of next year during season and to get some skiing possibilities as well. However it was great this time and batteries are loaded for a new week.


Relaxing in the cabin

Had an amazing day. Woke up to an amazing view and after breakfast I got out on a hike on the top of the mountain with G. When I got back I had som lunch and then relaxed in the sauna for over an hour was real relaxing.

After that I’ve relaxed, read a book in the sofa and then had a nice dinner with G and watched some TV. Been a great day with a lot of fresh mountain air and can almost not remember when I was this relaxed and calm lately.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Good night.