New Years Eve

2014 is coming to an end in a few hours and I’m getting prepared for a new years dinner together with G in the Gothenburg area with some friends. Had a real nice year and will take the few of the hours left of this year to say thank you to all my follower. Now we are over 100. So once again thank you for following me and wish you a happy new year and great 2015 that will be your best year ever.

For be personally it have also been a big year. However, there are also some plans for 2015. I have at least two trips planned and for one of the trips plane tickets are already booked. Will fill you in on that more next year.

The bow tie is now tied, a bit tricky. Attached a Youtube video under my picture for you that will tie and bow tie tonight and haven’t done it before.

Bild 2014-12-31 kl. 15.59

Evening Swim

As you might know already, I love water and to work out in water in differ wt ways. So after a long Christmas I went to the local swimming hall and worked out. Worked on improving my technique and got a lot of tips from my father in law that where there as well. But most of all it was nice to get some exercise after all Christmas food and car driving.

Also been quick to Kungsbacka and meet quickly with my sister M and her friend M. Nice to see them. Time to call it a day now but tomorrow is the last day of 2014.


Walk by the river

Been at G’s parents house now since we arrived back from the country side. So today have I done some musts, finished watching the rather new Teenage mutant ninja turtles movie that I’ve started to watch a few days ago. Then I needed some fresh air and a change of environment and than I love taking a walk along the river in the heart of Gothenburg so that’s what I did. It also was a absolutely beautiful evening, especially with all the lighight on the other side of the river.

Swedish country side

I’ve spent a few days in the Swedish country side as I’ve mentioned earlier and it has been great. Just the magic silence of nothing is fantastic. Just long walks in the woods and by the lake. Took a long walk yesterday with the camera. Got some nice pictures of the beautiful nature up there. Is so relaxing up in the cabin. It has been real winter weather as well which is nice.



Boxing Day

I know it’s a few days late but my Boxing Day was great. First I had a long breakfast with mom, my sister M and her boyfriend V. Then I packed all my stuff and took the car again. It was the first time I got to meet G again since before Christmas. So we where on a family dinner with here family outside of Gothenburg. After that we drive up to the cabin in the country side. Last bit of the trip it snowed so much that we could barley see the road.

That means that I had a few days out in the countryside with beautiful winter weather. Have take some photos here comes the first one.


Christmas Day

Two days ago it was Christmas Day and I was still celebrating Christmas. At Christmas Day me and mom visited my grandfather (her dad) which was nice, haven’t seen him in a couple of month so felt good to be able to see him.

Then I drop of mom at her place and drove to dad where it was Christmas dinner with my sister M, her boyfriend V and her friend M and dad and his girlfriend. But was without Christmas food so we not get to tired f all Christmas food. We had a very nice dinner and after dinner we also played some party trivial pursuit. Was real fun.

Then we drove home to mom where both me and my sister with her boyfriend stayed. Then we played Trivial Pursuit form 4 hours until about 2 hours past midnight.

Was a good Christmas Day. Then I have to mention that I know that I didn’t post yesterday because I am now out in the countryside for a few days so I’ve been struggling with the Internet connection. But now I hope to have solved it.

Trivial Pursuit night

Been a great day that I’ve spent with family but that’s not what this post is so much about. My sister and her boyfriend V got a trivial pursuit game of dad as a Christmas gift. We are all rather competitive so we have now played it for about 4 hours and it’s 2 hours past midnight so have now taken a break and continues tomorrow.

Really like the game. Don’t tell them but both my sister and V are good opponents which makes it very fun to play.