Lucia a Classic Swedish tradition

Today is December 13th and that ‘s the Lucia day in Sweden and also in Norway but it’s not such a big thing in Norway as it is in Sweden. I’ve learned that yesterday while taking with some Norwegian here in Oslo. In Sweden Lucia is a classic traditional day thats very important for all Swedes in general I would say. For me this will probably be the first time ever in my life that I not will celebrate it as you should. Anyway I think I do what I can out of it and today the plan is make some saffran buns or “Lussekatter” as we say in Sweden if I just can find all ingredients to it. Other than that I will try to make some “Pepparkakor” or ginger bread as you say in English.

I’ve been thinking about how to explain Lucia for you follower and I just stumbled over this video that describes it quite well. I know its called Lucia for dummies and I don’t think you are any dummies reading this blog but it’s a rather good explanation. You will see.


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