Peter the great

I’m a hockey fan and I still love the game in all kind of aspects and right now I follow both the NHL and SHL regularly. I played hockey back in Sweden for for almost 10 years when I was younger. A couple of weeks ago one of the greatest got into the hockey hall of fame. If you ask almost any Swede about the Olympics 1994 the penalty shoot by Peter Forsberg is the thing they will remember. It was epic, in fact it was so epic that it got its own post stamp in Sweden.

In fact I got my own memory of that penalty, sitting on a small chair together with my sister and praying to God that Sweden would win and the happiness in our home that night was just amazing. Since that Peter Forsberg is a hockey hero and the hockey tournament in the Olympics is something you just can’t miss.

He was a great hockey player and couldn’t resist to write at least something about it now when he got into the hockey hall of fame. Even if I’m a few weeks late. I’ve posted a video about his career below for you who love the game of hockey.


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