Movie Review: 3 Days to kill

Watched 3 days to kill with Kevin Costner last night and I got to say that I liked Kevin Costners performance. The movie where however a bit disappointing in my opinion, it was okey but I had hoped for more. Still had its moments and would give it 3 out of 5 points if I reviewed it. Beautiful views of Paris and nice cars chases.

Curios at the move, I’ve added the trailer below.


New features on the blogg

Been working little on the blogg tonight and added some features to it that connects me more with the blogg even when I’m not able to post through wordpress can you still follow me. The new features are that you now can follow my instagram and twitter feed in the blogg as well.

Had for the last couple of weeks had technical difficulties and thats why the blogg not has been as updated as earlier. But as always still working on to solve it.

Have a nice Friday!

Restaurant Review: Gandhi

I like Indian food let’s be honest with that and it’s something that I have discovered in the last couple of years or since I meet G. So when ordered take away from Gandhi a few days ago and earlier we have also eaten at this restaurant.

The locations is in the Majorstuen/Frogner neighborhood of the town and rather close to the shopping street Bogstaveien. The interior of the place is very Indian in most possible ways and give a nice feeling. This is a cosy place even if it all two times I’ve been to it has been very little people there. Its also located in the basement of what I thinks is a apartment building. But don’t get fooled by this. I’ve tried two of the dishes one chicken korma and one chicken tikka masala and the naan bread here. It has been the best Indian food I’ve eaten in Oslo. I’ve been to other Indian restaurants that are more trendy, more crowded and maybe also a bit more cosy and nice interior but this place has absolutely the best Indian food that I’ve tasted in Oslo. Recommend it! I give it 4/5 points. Good place but great food.

Best Indian food in Oslo, recommending it!

Here is the adress to it:
Majorstuveien 36, 0367 Oslo.

Song writing

Last night where the first night that I had the apartment to my self here in Oslo in a long time. So I took up music and played some guitar and started to work on some songs. Worked some on two songs that are probably 10-15 years old and I realize that my influences has changed quite a lot since then. But then I started to write on a new one which where interesting and recorded a little bit of a demo with the electric guitar and the iRig equipment on the iPad. I am not the one to judge the quality of my music but at least it was a lot of fun to be writing again.


Ticket to Copenhagen booked

Today haven’t I played as much guitar as yesterday but I still have played some. It’s so fun, it’s a bit like rediscovering how fun it actually is.

For a while I thought about going to Sweden and visit my dad for the weekend now when I where alone here in Oslo but have now almost decided to stay in Oslo and relax and just be. I have always a lot of thoughts and projects in my mind so some of them might get some time.

As I might have written earlier a friend of mine got a daughter a few weeks ago and me and G are invited to the baptism of her by the end of next month. So yesterday I booked flight tickets for that. So will be a baptism in Sweden in the city of Lund as I written about earlier but we will most likely stay in Copenhagen and spend some time there as well. Last time I were in Copenhagen must have been of 15 years ago and heard much nice things about it. So really looking forward to it, now its just the hotel and the train tickets between Copenhagen and Lund left but I think its best check out the options and then discuss it with G. She have been more in Copenhagen and travel with the train in her work so she might know something that I don’t.

Here is a picture from when I attended a party in Lund last year. Enjoy and see you tomorrow.


Creative thoughts

G has left for Berlin with here work so I’m alone at home the rest of the week. Have a lot of thoughts on what I can do but see how it all turns out. But most likely is that I will get creative and work on some of my different projects.

Especially now when the electric guitar is up here in Oslo. Maybe will try to write a song or two. Have written more music before but now I haven’t done it in a rather long time.

The photography is always and option or to continue writing on one of my books. As you might hear I have a lot of thoughts, we will see how it turns out. Promise to keep you posted!

Last day of skiing

Sunday where the last day of skiing up in the mountains for this time. Hope me and G can get up there more times but nothing planned for now at least. However, last day of skiing where great. The weather was perfect as you can see and the slopes where good. It was great conditions that turned in to a great day and great skiing.

Hoped to get this post up on Monday but due to technical difficulties it had to wait. See you tomorrow again.


Been out skiing all day with G here in Hafjell and even if it wasn’t the best weather it was good. But for tomorrow we are expexting some sun for a few hours at least.

First time I am in Hafjell to ski and the length of the slopea are great compared to what I am used to in Sweden but the slopes are much easier here than I am used to even if I’m not an advanced skier.

I general a good impresion hope for more skiing tomorrow before we head back to Oslo.

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Just arived to the mountain

Just arrived at the mountain again in Hafjell here in Norway. Where here in the autumn about a week before the season started last time and had an amazing weekend. Now i’m back and its ski and winter season. The mountain are prepared for skiing and I am really looking forward to it.

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Out with the Christmas tree

Chtistmas is over and slowly it starts disapearing. But there are still traces such as the chocolate Christmas calender from grandma, the Christmas tree thats starts looking sad and the lights on the balcony.

But today the Christmas tree was thrown out. Is cosy to have the signs but the tree was not in the best condition anymore. Except that this meana that spring and summer are coming soon and that’s something I’m looking forward to.

But first I’m waiting for some snow so I can go skiing. Not much snow so far in Oslo this winter.

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