Ticket to Copenhagen booked

Today haven’t I played as much guitar as yesterday but I still have played some. It’s so fun, it’s a bit like rediscovering how fun it actually is.

For a while I thought about going to Sweden and visit my dad for the weekend now when I where alone here in Oslo but have now almost decided to stay in Oslo and relax and just be. I have always a lot of thoughts and projects in my mind so some of them might get some time.

As I might have written earlier a friend of mine got a daughter a few weeks ago and me and G are invited to the baptism of her by the end of next month. So yesterday I booked flight tickets for that. So will be a baptism in Sweden in the city of Lund as I written about earlier but we will most likely stay in Copenhagen and spend some time there as well. Last time I were in Copenhagen must have been of 15 years ago and heard much nice things about it. So really looking forward to it, now its just the hotel and the train tickets between Copenhagen and Lund left but I think its best check out the options and then discuss it with G. She have been more in Copenhagen and travel with the train in her work so she might know something that I don’t.

Here is a picture from when I attended a party in Lund last year. Enjoy and see you tomorrow.



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