Restaurant Review: Gandhi

I like Indian food let’s be honest with that and it’s something that I have discovered in the last couple of years or since I meet G. So when ordered take away from Gandhi a few days ago and earlier we have also eaten at this restaurant.

The locations is in the Majorstuen/Frogner neighborhood of the town and rather close to the shopping street Bogstaveien. The interior of the place is very Indian in most possible ways and give a nice feeling. This is a cosy place even if it all two times I’ve been to it has been very little people there. Its also located in the basement of what I thinks is a apartment building. But don’t get fooled by this. I’ve tried two of the dishes one chicken korma and one chicken tikka masala and the naan bread here. It has been the best Indian food I’ve eaten in Oslo. I’ve been to other Indian restaurants that are more trendy, more crowded and maybe also a bit more cosy and nice interior but this place has absolutely the best Indian food that I’ve tasted in Oslo. Recommend it! I give it 4/5 points. Good place but great food.

Best Indian food in Oslo, recommending it!

Here is the adress to it:
Majorstuveien 36, 0367 Oslo.

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