Arrived in Copenhagen

After some delays on the flight we arrived in Copenhagen last night and to my big surprise are we living in the very heart of Copenhagen just by the water. Apparently this was a real central and good pleasant surprised. Me and G had dinner at Gardemoen before we left Oslo yesterday which was nice and a rater relaxing Friday.

When we arrived last night we took the metro from the airport in to the city. That was a real easy and cheap way to get in to Copenhagen. First we walked to the hotel which located really near Nyhamn and just by the water. After we had checked in we went for a walk an bought a classic Danish red sausage with bread which is a rød pølse med brød in Danish. Something I really associate with Denmark and bought a Danish Tuborg pilsner which is a real good Danish beer.

That was pretty much yesterday and the arrival to Copenhagen. Today’s plan is to attend the baptism of A’s daughter in Lund, Sweden so will so starting to get ready for that. But tonight I will be back in Copenhagen again.

Have a nice day!

On my way to Copenhagen

Today I’m leaving Oslo. On my way in order to fly to Copenhagen for the weekend. Even if the main reason for me traveling this weekend is to attend the baptism of my close friend A’s newly born daughter in Sweden. Something I really are looking forward to. So will take the train to that from Copenhagen but we save a lot of time by flying to Copenhagen. Then we have plans to spend the rest of the weekend in Copenhagen. G will be traveling with me on this trip which is really nice. More fun to travel together.

This is also my first trip to Copenhagen in probably more than 18 years. So really looking forward to it.

Promise to keep you posted about the trip.

First trip outside Norway of 2015

First trip of the year outside of Norway is coming up today. Heading away to visit both Denmark and Sweden.

Bags are packed and the suit and my Italian shoes are ready for this. Not the regular luggage for me but since I will attend a baptism i thought it’s best to be well dressed.

The plan is to eat dinner tonight in Copenhagen where we find something that seams good. No plans except finding the hotel and get familiar with the surroundings.

Saturday is baptism day so before noon we take the train to Lund in Sweden to attend the baptism. After that we head back to Copenhagen and G have booked a table that I don’t remember the name of right now but it seams promising.

Sunday isn’t that much planned yet so we will see what happen.

I am really looking forward to this weekend.

Movie Review: Django Unchained

A few days ago I saw Django Unchanied. I would categorize it as western/action movie. I will start of by saying what might one of the more controversial things I have said. Normally I don’t like Tarantino movies but this one is the best I’ve seen, in fact I think that it’s really good.

Django is a slave in America just before the civil war. He meet a German bounty hunter and they team up and the movie pretty much takes of from there.I wound say more in order not to spoil the movie.

Acting is good in my opinion and I really like Jamie Foxx in this movie as I so often do. Think he’s doing o good job.

I can definitely recommend this movie and I would give it 4 out of 5 points.

Below I have attached the trailer for you who are curious abut the movie.

Weekend plans

The plans for the weekend is set and good to go. I am so looking forwards this weekend and there is some traveling involved I can admit that to you right now. But I don’t want to tell you more than that right now, you will have to wait and see until tomorrow.

However, I am excited for the upcoming weekend I have borrowed G’s camera for this weekend, this because my camera takes up more space than hers. Hope to get some nice pictures and that I can enjoy some photography while I’m traveling. Most likely will I get the opportunity for that.

Tuesday weather

Today where the first time in a few days where I went to work in nice weather. That’s just a great way to start off the day. Everything get so much easier when it nice weather.

After work I went for a walk with so where out almost one and a half hour. Nice to just walk around a see the city.
Also rather nice weather during the evening walk. Here are some photos from the walk today.

World Championships in cross country skiing

Forth day in a row that I’m watching cross country skiing. Watching in at Norwegian public broadcasting company NRK. And it’s quite entertaining. Right now it’s world championships in Falun Sweden and the interest in Sweden is big but here in Norway it’s even bigger. This is a big sport in Sweden but it’s even bigger in Norway and both nations are really good. I would say that Norway is the best nation in the world but all Swedish gold medals and every day we are beating the Norwegians are good days.

And today Sweden won another gold.