Arrived in Copenhagen

After some delays on the flight we arrived in Copenhagen last night and to my big surprise are we living in the very heart of Copenhagen just by the water. Apparently this was a real central and good pleasant surprised. Me and G had dinner at Gardemoen before we left Oslo yesterday which was nice and a rater relaxing Friday.

When we arrived last night we took the metro from the airport in to the city. That was a real easy and cheap way to get in to Copenhagen. First we walked to the hotel which located really near Nyhamn and just by the water. After we had checked in we went for a walk an bought a classic Danish red sausage with bread which is a rød pølse med brød in Danish. Something I really associate with Denmark and bought a Danish Tuborg pilsner which is a real good Danish beer.

That was pretty much yesterday and the arrival to Copenhagen. Today’s plan is to attend the baptism of A’s daughter in Lund, Sweden so will so starting to get ready for that. But tonight I will be back in Copenhagen again.

Have a nice day!

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