Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Pancetta Majurstua

Time for another restaurant review. This time it’s Pizzeria Pancetta Majorstua that I will review. Note that this is no restaurant where you sit and eat but more of a place for take away and it’s with that in mind I have reviewed the restaurant.

The interior is nothing special neither more or less than I’ve expected. If you’re here you’re here to buy take away pizza and you get what you want. But that lowers the score some. A rather nice menu with something for most people, I’ve been eating here a few time and my favorite so far is the Sorba the Greek pizza.

Best pizza I’ve tried in Oslo so far which is a good grade but for pizza in general its good and even on the higher part of good.

I would recommend it and I give it 3 out of 5 points. It’s close to a 4 but it’s not there yet at least.

If you want to try it here is some useful information.

The adress is:
Kirkeveien 69
0364 Oslo

the webpage is:

Baptism gift

Within a near future I will attend the baptism of my close friend A’s daughter so last couple of days I’ve spent with trying to get the hold of a good gift for her. Yesterday where out solving some things concerning this and today have I been out as well.

Really looking forward to the baptism. Will be nice to meet A and his family and his parents that I haven’t seen in a long time but also nice to meet some other friends that will attend.

Sunday walk

Yesterday evening I took a walk here in Oslo in the beautiful Sunday weather that apparently are long gone today. However was it an beautiful evening last night while I walked the the Frogner park and took some photos. Just with my iPhone but anyway.

That was just what I needed. Here is some of the photos, enjoy.

Behind the scenes of the blog

Long time since I made a post like this. Always have a lot of thoughts for the blog but takes time to develop them and work on them. Right now I am trying to complement the blog with my Twitter account which this weekend have followed a lot of sports event, especially the world championships in cross country skiing in Falun.

Except that have the blog steady grown every week this year which is really fun to see. Really appreciate all you that follows me here on the blog.

I will do all I can to keep up what I am doing and hope you will enjoy it.

Picture from me editing pictures.

Ladies Skiathlon

Not all days I’m a big fan and are so Swedish and exciting about cross country skiing and to really sit down and watch it, or in this case more hover a few centimeters above the sofa. Just seen the ladies skiathlon in the world championship in cross country skiing and what a race. So exciting and what fight between Johaug (Norway), Jacobsen (Norway) and Kalla (Sweden). Congratulations to then all and now I’m recharging for the skiathlon for men later today.

As you can see is the Swedish flag is out in order the cheer for team Sweden.


Movie Friday

I been looking forward to get the time to watch a movie and tonight I got it. So I will plan to see a movie tonight haven’t decided what movie yet but some kind of movie will it be.

G are away for the weekend with her work again and I have some must do stuff to attend it but thought I would start out the weekend in a good way with a movie.

7 minute workout

The 7 minute workout arrived a few years ago and I tried it out for a short period but then it all got away from me. But in order to get moving more I downloaded an app a few days ago and yesterday I tried it.

The app where great but hope to test it some more before I review it for you. But so far so good.

Happy to try this again.