Testing PressSync

For the last couple of days I’ve been trying out the blogging app PressSync on my iPhone and I’ve got to say that it works real good. Works both online and offline which is important for me to be able to write even when I not have any internet connection.

Will write a review later when I had the chance to try it over a longer period of time.

Mixed langues

I like speaking and writing and that’s one of the reasons to why I have this blog. It’s fun to share thoughts and experiences. But right now my language is rather messed up from time to time. Because I mainly speak Swedish but after more than one and a half year in Norway the Norwegian word starts to show up in both the written and spoken word of mine. And because I blog in English it also has some influence so today all of the just mix up in my head. So thinking in three different languages. That’s just strange.

Beautiful winter evening

The weather tonight has been beautiful outside here in Oslo. Been a beautiful winter evening and I got some photo inspiration. Turned out to a short photo walk and I hope I can share it later on with you but here are some photos from tonight.

Where up on the roof for a few minutes just to watch the stars.

Super Bowl XLIX

As a Swede I’m not exactly grown up with American football. Some how I have any way found my way to start watching it last couple of let’s say five years. And I follow the NFL when I get the chance.

A few days ago I recorded the Super Bowl so I’ve been watching when I got the possibility. Had to split it up some in order to get the time but worked out fine.

Not that impressed by the haft time show this year but the game was great!

Tech Testing Monday

Trying a new blogging app, as I’ve written earlier have I had some problems with the apps that I’ve used earlier so now I am trying a new one. So far so good I have to say, let’s hope it continues this way.

Tonight I have plans to fix some things at home and take a little walk so I keep moving. Been sitting still a lot of the day. Then I’m testing G fathers new NAS. Exciting, think both of us finds it rather fun to test it.

Will keep you posted and maybe a little review of the NAS later on when we get it up and running more than it is today.

Sunday evening

Last night came G home from Berlin and it was so nice to see her again. So we had dinner and relaxed and I make homemade Swedish “Semlor” which is buns with marzipan and whipcream in. “Semlor” exists in Norway but not in the same way as in Sweden, in Sweden we have a special day for it. I like Semlor so that’s perfect for me.

Here’s a photo of my homemade Semlor.

Cross Country Skiing Saturday

Yesterday I was out skiing or more exactly cross country skiing here in Oslo. I tried this track earlier but never the entire track, but yesterday I had the time so I skied the entire track up to a place called Ullevålsseter and then back, a trip at approximately 11 km. So where pretty tired when I was done.

The weather where okay nothing I can complain at and the views a long the track is absolutely stunning. So beautiful that it almost hurts. Really enjoyed being out skiing. Oslo is a great place to live if you like cross country skiing, so much good track and many of the very close to the city. Today it took me about 15 minutes with the metro to get out to the place where the track is. That’s great.

Here is some photos from yesterday.

IMG_0951 IMG_0952 IMG_0953 IMG_0954 IMG_0968 IMG_0969