Rome, Day 2

Today has been the second day in Rome today I continues two show mom the classic and must see places here in Rome. We started Iof with Coloseum and Forum Romanum and the Palamtine hills and got to say that I discovered new places and new stories, especially in the last two sites.

Then I can’t stop to be amazed by how gigantic and what a acraftmansship the Colseum where in its glory and still are. They really knew how to go big, that’s for sure.



After that we took a walk pass by the Circus Maximus and then continued into the neighborhood of Trastavere with all its narrow streets and beauty and we went to a little place that I been recommended by and italian chef. And took a long lunch with antipasti and then pizza and some of the red wine from the house which I’m appreciated very much.

The we passed by pizza Navona today as well and it’s really a beautiful place. After that we continued up to via del corso which is one of the main shopping streets with a short visit in the way at the Spanish stairs. The we went back to via del corso and I found and bought some new brown leather Shoes, made in Italy of course. What else? And then we reached the piazza del popolo another of Romes beautiful piazzas.



After that we went back to the hotel but on our way we bought some wine in the near by store. I have also bought some real italian olive oil and some italian magazines for G and Italian vouge Luomo for me.

Now we will soon go out for tonight’s dinner. 


First day, Rome and the Vatican

First real day in Rome for this trip. And I had booked tickets to the Vatican museum and a guided tour there. I’ve been to the Vatican museum two times earlier but it has never been better. The museum is 7 km of hallways read I somewhere and no doubt that we walked much but I like walking so it suited me well. Have to say that the collections in the Vatican museum is stunning in fact sometime it so much and majestic that I don’t know if I’m able to get all impression into my head. The guide where also great but understood at other friends that the quality an vary a bit. 

After the museum we took and ate lunch a bit from the Vatican and it where a nice pasta and a Classic Italian Peroni beer. All of this in just my shirt and chinos in the 20 degree Celsius sun. Guess if that was welcome after 20 centimeters of snow and freezing minus degrees just two days ago. It’s like Swedish summer here in Rome right now and that’s just insanely nice for me. But I realize that the Italians think it’s col because it looks like they walk around in winter jackets.




Afte lunch it was time for the St Peters church which is the largest Christian church in the world and it’s very impressive and majestic. So walked around in that and saw the statue of Rafael. The tomb of the Swedish Queen Kristina and the we walked down into the crypt where the tombs of the popes are. Didn’t think that was open to the public but apparently it was and appreciated very much to see it. Then er ende the tour with looking at the Swiss guard. For many people this would be a full day but not for me and I shows mom Castello St Angelo down by the river and a walked over the St Angelo with its 10 angels.



Then we walked small Italian streets and mom got some shopping and I got my daily Italian gelato which is Italian ice cream.

Then we walked home and passed by piazza Navona which is very beautiful. The we made a stop and visited Pantheon the oldest complete building in entire Rome and where the tomb of the artist Rafael is located and also Emanuell Vittoria II the king that united Italy to one country. 

Then we walked by Fontana di Trevi and tossed coins in the fountain and took a look at it before we went back to the hotel to prepare for tonight’s dinner. No idea where we will eat tonight but will write about it later on.

First night in Rome

I’m right now in Rome together with my mom for a few data. And I arrived rather late in Rome last night, which where as planed so I had booked a cart rom a car service to pick us up at the airport through the hotel. I expected a regular young guy picking us up in a small fiat, excuse me for my expectations. Instead a fifty year man in a suit took our bags and walked us to a nice Merceders with leather interior and talked about Rome and Swedish for all such as IFK Göteborg and when they won the European championship. Amazing service.

Then we arrived at the hotel which also had a great way to welcome us with some drinks and snacks before they showed us to where we will stay.

After that we took a walk in the neighborhood and went for dinner at a near by place that I know about from earlier and had pizza and wine and the after that some desert.

But the evening where not over there as you might have expected. Me and mom took a walk and found a nice store where we bought some grappa in small containers as we drank. 

That was it and that was a great evening and will try to review as much as I can from my trip. But that will come later. Tomorrow is a visit to the Vatican scheduled. Will keep you posted. See you.



All roads lead to Rome

They say that all roads lead to Rome and wether it’s true or not I’m right now on my way to Rome together with my mom on a vacation in Rome for a couple of days. I’ve looked forward to this a long time and today it’s time.

Third time in Rome and it will be great, love Italy and love Rome it’s a great city. So plans is to eat good food and see as much as we can of the city in the few days we have there.

Don’t know about internet connection but do my best to keep you posted I promise you. 



On the road

I’m heading back to Sweden right now. Usually I travel back on Friday evening but me and G wanted a night to just hang out at home so we decided to leave today instead.

But I will not stay in Sweden for long, already tomorrow evening I’m leaving on a new trip for Rome and Italy. Been looking forward to it for a long time now and the weather forecast looks promising for a cold Scandinavian. As I write about two days ago I experience quite a lot of snow in Oslo. Rome will most likely be something else.

Right now no plans that are set for today but think it will be a nice hopefully relaxing day just.


Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone and hope you had a good week and will get a nice weekend.

Today I’ve been out with my co-workers for a beer and spent some time with my incredible G.

I’ve got a lot if plans for the next week and are really looking forward to it so that is nice. Both Sweden and Italy in these plans. But I will keep you posted.


Snow and Dad

It’s unbelievable, this morning alone it came over 20 centimeters of snow. So the buses didn’t go this morning so I had to walk to work which was quite okay because my dad called from back in Sweden so we got to talk a little bit.  Where nice to talk to him where a long time since last we talked. It was a good morning and I’m quite happy about it all. 

And tonight I’ve been cleaning at home and got a few minutes in front of the tv and to talk with G.

Thanks for today and see you tomorrow.


Waffle day and love

For all you that want to eat waffels today say that it’s waffle day in Sweden. Every year at this day we eat waffels and this one is one of my favorites. It’s also my grandmas and grandpas wedding day. And they are the best and their relationship and love after more than 60 years as married is still so strong and I wish and will work for every second of my life to be as them are. 

Do you like waffels and who to you look up to when it comes to relations ships?


Hockey: Frölunda, Quarterfinal

Yesterday where hockey night here in my home, almost for the first time this year. For you who don’t know I am a big Frölunda Indians fan and try to follow them as close as possible. But to be honest it haven’t been that many games that I been able to see this season. And last night where game 7 in the quarterfinals in the Swedish Hockey Leauge (SHL). 

I watched the entire game and it ended in the best possible way. They won and they went on to the simifinals. After a game that is the best game I’ve seen in a long long time. It wasn’t over until the very last second and that what makes me love hockey.

Now it’s time to see more and I will find the time for it.


My little family

Last couple of days I really felt something that I never felt so clear earlier, me and my girlfriend G we are our little family of just of two. We have our home here in Oslo and travel and do things together.

Before parents and our sisters where our family and they still are but it’s not those I live with and that I plan to spend the rest of my life with. This must indicate that I’m starting to grow up, I think…At least in that aspect.