Restaurant Review: Madklubben Bistro-de-lux

During my weekend in Copenhagen me and G visited the restaurant Madklubben Bistro-De-Lux. Which is located near by Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv.

Interior where great would call it Scandinavian and clean. Modern but bit old influences which where something I really liked.

The concept is that you choose how many courses you will eat and that it’s a “base price” for all of this.

2 courses = 150 DDK
3 courses = 200 DDK
4 courses = 250 DDK

Smart en simple. Then you add om extra if you want something more fancy or so on. This means that you most likely will pay some extra for the food anyway in order to get what you really want. However the “basic menu” is real good.

I ate the starter of the day which is form day to day and for this I payed some extra and it was good. Then I had the main course with chicken which where absolutely good but not the best main dish I’ve eaten. And the I had the cardamom ice cream and cake desert which tasted great. To all of this I had a nice glass of Italian wine for the price of approximately 90 DDK.

The taste experience where good and I liked the food but it was nothing special for me. I would love to say that it was great but it was good or even very good but not more than that to me.

I would however warmly recommend it and with the prices taken into account I would definitely recommend it. Not often you get three courses and wine for under 50 Euro or 500 DDK anywhere in the world. It get 4 out of 5 points from me.

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