New ideas

As always there are a lot of thought in my head and slowly they are growing into a new project.

For a long time the blog has been my main project but I’m thinking of expanding with more projects and I have and idea. But there are a start up phase into it and right now I have a lot on plate even outside of work so it has to wait a couple of weeks until I can start working some more at it.

I had a music project going earlier and it still keeps going but right now on a very low pace. Hope to pick it up when I get more time and can coordinate it with the other guys.

I’m a creative person and have always been. I’ve always had project and somehow I thought that would stop when I passed 25 but no, it just keeps going. So that’s the way it is. Time to make some use out of it.

Also have some thought for the blog but that’s just thoughts that I need to develop a bit more. And right now it’s focus on keep writing as often as possible here on the blog. I’m staring to be more consistent again and that makes me happy hope you enjoy it as well.


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