First night in Rome

I’m right now in Rome together with my mom for a few data. And I arrived rather late in Rome last night, which where as planed so I had booked a cart rom a car service to pick us up at the airport through the hotel. I expected a regular young guy picking us up in a small fiat, excuse me for my expectations. Instead a fifty year man in a suit took our bags and walked us to a nice Merceders with leather interior and talked about Rome and Swedish for all such as IFK Göteborg and when they won the European championship. Amazing service.

Then we arrived at the hotel which also had a great way to welcome us with some drinks and snacks before they showed us to where we will stay.

After that we took a walk in the neighborhood and went for dinner at a near by place that I know about from earlier and had pizza and wine and the after that some desert.

But the evening where not over there as you might have expected. Me and mom took a walk and found a nice store where we bought some grappa in small containers as we drank. 

That was it and that was a great evening and will try to review as much as I can from my trip. But that will come later. Tomorrow is a visit to the Vatican scheduled. Will keep you posted. See you.




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