Friday plans?

The weekend plans are all set already but Thursday evening and Friday are not set yet. Because of the family emergency I had last week that now are pretty much over I consider to get back to Sweden. Family is one of the most important things in my life. But I guess that’s not a secret that I’m that way.

So in still thinking about what I will do?


Tax declaration time

Yes, it’s that time of the year when it’s time to see how much you get in tax return if any. This year looks promising for me but just filled it in and sent it to the Norwegian tax authority. 

No matter what, you always feel or know that you’re a grown up. Now it’s time to spend some time with G.


Italian Pasta

As I wrote a few days ago I started out with learning and trying to cook Italian food. Last time it where bruschetta and today I made a pasta. Simple and tasted good. It just contains chicken, pasta, sun dried tomatoes, cream fraise and green pasto. Simple and very good.



Why I been out of range 

I’ve been away for a few day because of family reasons and that’s the reason to why I’ve not been updating so frequently. However, it’s now going in the right direction and hopefully all will be good soon. But this also means that last week has been a though couple of days and taken a lot of energy. So I’m pretty shaken up still about the whole thing. But it’s also make you realize what’s important here in life. And family and friends comes first no doubt about it.

Hope to get up and running a bit more as usually on the blog with in the next few days. See you!


Movie Review: The Theory of Everything

I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while now and just had the the time a few days ago.

The stenography is stunning especially the scenes that take place in the 60’s. And really like the beginning of the movie which also is a lot of what you see in the trailer. 

Then the actor that played both Steven Hawking and his wife Jane make a great performance in my opinion.

I’m knew nothing about Steven Hawkings life before this and I think the movie is a bit obvious in a few parts of it which did that it not where as good as it could be in my opinion. But it’s a strong movie and I really like it. Highly recommends it and give it the 4 out of 5 stars with close to 5. 

Trying New OS X Photos

Last night I finally got some time to play around a little bit with the new Photos application in OS X on my MacBook Pro. I just scratched the surface of it because that’s all the time I got with it in 30 minutes. A lot of possibilities is what I can see but wheren’t very impressed with the auto functions.

However the design of the applications is as always very beautiful and almost perfect even of this leads to some getting used to when looking for different functions that are a bit more advanced.

But are very positive to it in general.

Swedish Weekend plans

Friday and I’m heading to Sweden over the weekend alone in order to meet some friends and family. This is a rather spontaneous trip because I booked the tickets just a few days ago. So now I’m at the bus heading Gothenburg. The weekend I already pretty much all booked but some spontaneous moment will I most certainly get time for. Tomorrow Saturday is the plan to visit my close friend S in Borås the city know a bit unfair called the most boring city in Sweden and the myth is that it always is raining. We will see about that but the most important thing is to hang out with S and catch up. The evening is not decided yet but something will most certainly come up. Hope to get some time with my family as well. Which you by know probably know is a very important thing for me.

Sunday I plan to have breakfast with M and maybe K in Gothenburg before I leave for Oslo quite early in order to get some time in a Oslo to land before the new week starts. Shorh week next week because of the 1th of May which is a red day but I will get back to that later.