Movie Review: Paddington

Paddington where one of my favorite childhood books so when the movie came out I just had to see it. Just as a trip down a long memory lane.

The movie is as you already might have understood based on the childrens books about the bear Paddington from Peru that lives in London with his newly found family. The story is okay but I see ways it could have been better which is a bit bad when the basics of the story are so promising.

Visually the movie is colorful and beautiful and what I find as the message of the movie is also good and maybe more relevant than ever. The animation of Paddington himself is also very good and it really makes him come alive.

A movie full of love and it’s a good family movie I have to say that I would recommend as a family movie. But there are improvements that could have made it better and thats why I’, just giving it 3 out of 5 points even if I so very much would like to give it 4  I just can’t.

As alway here below is the trailer for the movie if you curious.


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