Rediscovered my Fitbit

A year ago I revived a Fitbit flex as a gift from my family and I used it frequently for about a month I would guess. But yesterday I picked it up and had it with me when I where hiking in order to track my movement and it worked so good that I’m using it today as well. I’ve now been using it for a couple of days and it really works in order to motivate my to go for that extra walk or get away to the gym. So far so good!


Baptism weekend 

Saturday and me and G are in the Gothenburg area during the weekend. We arrived late last night and will stay until tomorrow when we will attend a baptism of the second child o our friends E and N. 

The entire week have we been out looking for a good baptism gift and now we think we got it since a few days back.

Always fun with baptisms to see the proud and happy parents and relatives and to hang out with friends.


Restaurant Review: Håferuds Brasseri

A few days ago I ate at Håferuds Brasseri. Me and G visited the restaurant that’s located in Dalslands Center in the village of Håverud in Sweden. It’s located just by the Dalsland channel and between to lakes. Håverud is rather famous for having a aqueduct for boats and a bridge for cars and one for trains all in one place and it’s in that location the restaurant is. So we can conclude that if you pass by it’s a bueautiful location with history of the Swedish industrialism. This very much inspires the interior and it looks good. It got seating both in and out but tag once indoor are a bit more comfortable.

I tried the fish and chrimp soup and the smoked salmon. The food tasted really good and give you simple classic taste of Swedish food. All feel genuinely cooked and the staff where friendly and to the soup it also where fresh baked bread that where delicious.

It’s also a restaurant that I mentioned in the white guide that is kind of the guide Michelin in Sweden. However it’s nit among the top ranked.

However I would grade it 4 out of 5 points. Really like it but it doesn’t quite reach the maximum points. But I warmly recommend it and the setting is beautiful especially in the summer.


Gothenburg Weekend plans

Today is a rather less sunny day but there is a weekend and a Friday just around the corner so thought that I would share my plans for the weekend with you. Once again me and G will head to Sweden. This time we will visit Gothenburg with the purpose of attending a baptisms of our friends second child. Which I’m looking forward to but I’m also have planned a trip to Borås to hang out with my friend S. Borås that by the way is known to be a rainy place but we hope it will be a warm and sunny day at Saturday.

However, the bags are know packed and I’m ready to take of directly after my work tomorrow.

 Been no work out today but have walked a lot so think it’s pretty okay anyway. See you tomorrow.


Pain, Sun & Wednesday 

I’m sore in my muscles since the last days workouts but I like it. In fact to be sore in my muscles after been working out is my favorite pain. However today have a been a day with just walking about 14 km but nothing more than that in order to get the body some rest.

As the headline might hint about have it been almost summer weather today which it should be I mean it’s almost June by now. That usually means summer even in Scandinavia. The plans for the weekend slowly take shape and we will see what happends.


Thinking about Gothenburg

From time to time I get to thinking about Gothenburg and a few days ago where one fo those day and when I found this song on youtube.

The songs name is Glenntown. And in In Sweden there is a saying that everyone from Gothenburg is called Glenn. This is after the soccer team IFK Göteborg had 4 players on the team called Glenn and at least two of them where rather successful also outside of Sweden. But mainly I thought the song where catchy. Then the song is also a tribute to that team.

At the gym

The hike yesterday in combination with a little bit of bad conscious and with the help from my Fitbit flex that I’ve started to use again I ran to the gym today.

The running is not really where I would like to have it but the gym felt much better than I’ve expected so a good feeling inside now after the workout. I’ve also tried a new gym. 

Now it’s just to keep up the good work! But I need inspiration so if you have any good blogs please leave a comment below.