Movie and hockey Sunday

Yesterday was a relaxing day. I woke up very early and said goodbye to G that left for trip to the USA with her work. Felt a bit lonely to know that we will be away from each other for almost a week now. But then it’s just a week.

After that I tried to get some sleep but couldn’t sleep might have gotten maximum one hour of sleep so watched tv and listened to podcast.

Then I went up and had breakfast with G’s sister K who visited over the weekend. We had a nice breakfast with waffels and watched the Zoolander movie. After that we watched Dodgeball and then Bridesmaids. A real movie Sunday inte sofa.

Then I followed K to the train that took her to the airport and after that I went home and watched the hockey world championship game between Denmark and Finland. After that I got a quick phone call from G just to let me know she where had come to the hotel safely and after that I went to bed.

Last night I tried to record a video for the blogg as a test. Have you seen it? Did it work good?



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