Away to the cabin

Because of holidays and such as that this weekend begins already tonight. So me and G have rented a car and will get out of Oslo for a few days. Away to the cabin in Sweden and just to do nothing. Which I’m really looking forward to it. Been intense and so many plans and things we had to do lately and quite a lot of trips, even if most of them have been fun it involves some time traveling it’s nice to do something a bit more slow from time to time. From the beginning we thought of just staying in Oslo but we realized that if we stayed at home we would find things we had to do so we decide to leave Oslo a few days to get away for that.

But we will not stay at the cabin the intire weekend we will make sure to be back in Oslo to May 17th which is Independence Day here in Norway and I’ve always heard of this big event and this year I’ve decided to experience it for real in Oslo.

Have a nice weekend.



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