Hotel Review: Scandic Elmia Jönköping

A few weeks ago I stayed at Scandic Elmia in Jönköping. The staff where friendly and I got a room at the 7th floor with a view of parts of the city but it’s a industrial area closest to the hotel so it takes away a part of the charm. But always nice with a view anyway and this isn’t a prime luxurious hotel. This is a hotel where you stay when visiting the congress center located across the street and it’s a fine hotel in fact it’s clean rather modern and I like it. Works more than well but for me as a Swede it isn’t very exciting.

The staff where friendly and service minded so points for that. I liked my room it was okay and had a pleasant stay.

The hotel got the service you need and a good restaurant in my opinion.

If you’re out on the road and need a place to stay the night or are going to visits the congress center I could recommend it otherwise I’m sure there is hotels in a more inspiring surrounding or with a more cosy feel to it. I would rate it with 3 out of 5 points.


3 Replies to “Hotel Review: Scandic Elmia Jönköping”

  1. Scandic is quite solid for shorter business stays. However, I kind of miss some luxury there, so I’d go with the 3 out of 5 as well. Lately, I stayed at the Scandic in Gothenburg and was a little disappointed as even the service was quite bad this time…

    1. I agree with you that it’s a solid business hotel. Saw you some of your posts from Gothenburg but missed the one about Scandic. Really liked you post about Gothenburg. Lived there for 7 years before I moved to Oslo, Norway.

      1. Gothenburg is great! I’ve been there twice already (once after I was in Jönköping when my flight from GOT to MUC got cancelled due to bad weather). I really love the atmosphere and the city and I loved running there! 🙂

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