Monday Hike

Today is a holiday here in Norway so G hand scouter a route that we went hiking today. The where about 8 km and up on a mountain with great views over Oslo. Where good weather and the routes are so beautiful and the nature is stunning. We where very tired afterward but very satisfied with the fact that we have been out and excercised. This is one of the best things I know about Norway to be honest and just want to get out hiking again soon. It’s also a great way to hang out for me and G and we enjoy these kind if things very much both of us. In fact if you visit Oslo or Norway I would definatley recommend to get out in a hike.


Holmenkollen, Sun and Guests

Me and G had guests here in Oslo this weekend and it’s been great. Had such a good time and it will result in a couple of post here on the blogg. First of all we had a great day yesterday that started out with a visit to Holmenkollen where we got the opportunity to see summer training for ski jumpers. Thy was real cool.

Then we had lunch and just had a good time hanging out in Frognerparken which is Oslo’s Central Park kind of I would say.

Then we had a nice dinner at home and followed the Eurovision Song Contest before we heade out to some bars in Oslo and it will result in the first bar review here at the blogg soon.

Today we sleept in and then me and G followed our guests to the bus and after that we tried a new restaurant for lunch.

And this evening we have watched the latest episodes of game of thrones and million dollar listing New York.

Great weekend!


Booked California Road Trip

I will this summer go out on a road trip together with G along the famous highway one in California. To visit Califonia again is a dream coming true and to be able to visits Los Angels for the first time and San Fransisco for the second time will be great.

However just the flight tickets and the hotels are booked so far but we still have to book a car. We have also already booked tickets to Alcatraz we both missed visiting it last time we where in San Fransisco.

I will keep you posted about the trip but it’s till a while until it’s time.

Having guests

This weekend we’re having guests here in Oslo. It’s a friend of G named S and her boyfriend A. They arrived last night. Where the first time I meet A so where great to meeting after all I’ve heard about him. So last night where all about hanging out in our apparent as I made some Indonesian food and we had some wine and beer. I would say that it was a real good way to start off the weekend. 

So today we will show them around here in Oslo don’t know where we are heading but I guess we figure that out along the way.


Summer is slowly coming

Usually the spring shows it self from its best side this time of the year but not this year. May in have been among the best weather month during the last couple of years but this year not so much. But yesterday when I walked home from work as I quite often do especially if the weather is good and sunny which it was. I smelled the newly cut grass and the summer and spring flowers and it was wonderful. I made me happy and I just walked and enjoyed in a way I haven’t done in a long time. It’s all about making the most of it and to enjoy the little things in life in between and in your everyday life.


Hotel Review: Scandic Elmia Jönköping

A few weeks ago I stayed at Scandic Elmia in Jönköping. The staff where friendly and I got a room at the 7th floor with a view of parts of the city but it’s a industrial area closest to the hotel so it takes away a part of the charm. But always nice with a view anyway and this isn’t a prime luxurious hotel. This is a hotel where you stay when visiting the congress center located across the street and it’s a fine hotel in fact it’s clean rather modern and I like it. Works more than well but for me as a Swede it isn’t very exciting.

The staff where friendly and service minded so points for that. I liked my room it was okay and had a pleasant stay.

The hotel got the service you need and a good restaurant in my opinion.

If you’re out on the road and need a place to stay the night or are going to visits the congress center I could recommend it otherwise I’m sure there is hotels in a more inspiring surrounding or with a more cosy feel to it. I would rate it with 3 out of 5 points.


Movie Review: The Imitation Game

To starters, this is the best movie that I’ve seen in a long long time. Beautiful stenography and all environment feels real but and like it’s World War Two. There are good actors so have no complains thee. And even if I know some of the story it never feels obvious what will happend next. And that is always interesting when it to some extent are based on reality.

For you who don’t know this movie is about how the allied broke the enigma code during World War Two.

Here is the trailer it sound interesting