Hockey: Videoblogg on world championships, part 1

So finally I got the time to try out to record an episode of a videoblogg. The topic this time became world championships in hockey. Where a nice way to share my thoughts and I hope you enjoyed it. If so I will try it again later on. Hope you enjoy it here is the videoblogg for today.


Saturday with G and K

As I’ve written earlier this weekend G’s sister K is here over the weekend whih is nice. What just hung out eaten good and had a cosy day.

Really enjoyed the day. I also watched some of the hockey game between Frane and Germany briefly.

Oh and by the way ate my home made waffels also. That tasted great.


What happens this weekend

This weekend me and G have a guest here in Oslo. G’s sister K arrived Thursday and will stay until Sunday when also G will leave for a business trip to the US. So will be alone here in Oslo all week and to the weekend G gets home but then I will leave for a meeting connected to my work as a board member for an association in Sweden and I will I will miss her. So today I will enjoy the good company I’ve got.