Apple Music

Today is the first official day of Apple Music for the public. So I’m that interested in both music and tech just had to update my iOS devices to iOS 8.4 so I could access Apple Music.

So I’m trying it out and so far have I found what I’m looking for when it comes to different artist. The design looks very good in one way and not good in another way. So far I’m not sure if I will leave Spotify for this but it’s the first day and I expect that improvement will come within the next couple of months. 

What makes me most irritated right now is the the playlists not sync between different units. But hope it will work soon. The range of available music is good. Looking forward to try it for the next three months for free as Apple let you do in order to convince you to use it.


Picnic in the park festival

Yesterday where Sunday and as you might know me and G visited the picnic in the park festival with artists as Marit Larsen who I really liked. A new Norwegian country band named Nothern Belle which very skilled musicians. Then we also watched artists as Modeat Mouse, James Blake and Jose Gonzales to mention a few.

But not only the music where good and interesting. Also the food where great. A lot of food trucks that we saw and tried pulled pork burgers, tacos and burritos which all tasted great.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.


Festival Sunday

There has been a festival in Oslo over the weekend but me and G haven’t been there yet. But today we will go and visit the picnic festival which not is free as it might sound and it’s a music festival even if it sounds like a food festival. 

We bough the tickets a few days ago and I’m looking forward to it. There is a lot of bands that I know of but knows some of them and I’m excited to hopefully discover some new music.

So now it’s time to get ready for a festival sunday here in Oslo.

Planning has begun

Today the planning has begun for the California road trip. The trips coming closer and that’s fast. The flight is booked since January, the hotels since a few months and the car where booked this week. So the most important things are already set but now the planning has begun at a more detailed level. It’s slowly coming together now but got a little bit of time more before it’s time.


Movie Review: Kingsman

A few days I got to saw Kingsman which I’ve waited for a while now. A action movie is never wrong in my opinion. Well dressed, decent acting, nice gadgets. But I don’t like Samuel L Jacksson as a corky bad guy. That’s not the kind of actor you want to see in that kind of role. Then the rest is decent but I really don’t like the Swedish princess, she doesn’t add a thing it only make me irritated that that part exists in the movie. In fact some things makes that I won’t recommend this movie even if  I would grade this movie with 6 out of 10 points.

But it provides you with some decent action so if you are getting curious and haven’t seen it. Here are the trailer.

Midsummer pictures

Last night a got a moment to export the pictures from my camera onto my computer and my external hard drive. Briefly like through them as well so here are some pictures from midsummer.

Hope_you_had_a_nice__MidsummerDay__summer__Dalsland__Sweden _DSC8643 _DSC8634 _DSC8625 _DSC8617

Don’t drink and dive!

I’m very concerned about safety and water and now when the summer just have arrived and I want to remind you to take care of yourself and your friend , family and loved once.

Last year there drowned more people than over a decade in Sweden. 137 persons to be exact, that’s too many. Simple things like wearing a life jacket and to not drink before you get in the water would have saved many of these lives.

Simple things to remember. Below here is a very interesting video that shows that doesn’t matter how used you are to water, when you’re drunk some instincts and safety thinking just goes away. Take care of each other!