Pre-Apple Event thoughts

Later today it’s time for Apple to have their WWDC 2015 Apple event. I will of cours follow it as usually and find that kind of things entertaining. Until a few days ago I had high hopes of a new Apple TV with new functionality but the last couple of days rumor indicate that news like that not will happen this time. But I still hope something will happen with the Apple TV maybe a new OS that ha been developed with apps had been nice to see. Except that I think there will be a new OS X and a new iOS version. Rumors say that both OS will focus at performence and tat this might make older devices work better with the new OS updates. Then they will probably show us HomeKit which is Apples view of how we can control our homes with Apple device and this I except an Apple TV what I will be mostly curious about.

The. We will probable see a music steaming service that will compete with Spotify which so far isn’t something I’m that excited about and maybe some new information of the Apple watch.

Looking forward to the event and will keep you posted.

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