Summer mornings

As I writer earlier summer has arrived in Oslo and it seams like it’s here to say. So this morning while walking to work I realized how much I love summer mornings. It’s something special about. It’s a calm on the streets before people starts working and stores opens. It’s sunny and warm at the same time as it’s a bit chilli in the shadows and the air that bit entirely has been heated up yet.

To walk though this feeling and environment and just thinking that “this is going to be a good day” is great.

I realize that I always have liked these kind of summer morning moments, even liked them as a kid. I also remembered when I did my military service how I was out driving on the lonely roads of the Swedish country side and how much I enjoyed it back then. It might even be the best regularly time of a summer day. If you can see the sun rise that’s a bonus but that’s almost always a bit early even for me this time of the year.



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