Weekend with my sister

I’ve just said farewell to my sister and her boyfriend V that have been visiting me and G during the weekend. It’s the first time they are visiting and pretty much the first time they have been to Oslo for real so been a lot of showing them around in the city but the main goal has been just to eat good and hang out.

But we to a nice long walk by the royal castle and continued down to the parliament building an looked at that. After that we went down to opera house and me and V climbed the roof of if. Then we to a stroll to Aker brygge where we had lunch, coffee and ice cream before we headed back home and watched the Swedish royal wedding and had a nice dinner and sat out on the balcony and talked until past midnight.

My sister is on e of the most important people in my life and even I we live quite far away from each other and in different countries we still talk to each other regularly and rather often. I really appreciate the weekend that we had here in Oslo hope to see her soon again.

It’s been a great weekend but now it’s time to get ready for a new week.

Oslo Royal Castle


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