I want go get better trained…

Here a story from a few weeks ago. Me and G had decided to get out in a hike right aputside of Oslo. Just a subway ride from where we live and G had found a nice route for us to walk up on a mountain and about 9 km long. So we start walking and when we are walking up one of the hills we notice a well trained couple that are out running and say to each other, we should get fit as them. Both of thinks it’s a idea to work out more and that’s it. We walk about 6 km and meet the could’ve again and G says to me “There are the fit couple we saw earlier” the couple pass us and we walk for a few seconds before G asks me if I saw who it was. I had no idea didn’t get a good look because if where focused at hiking and enjoying the nature. She looks at me and says “That was Marit Bjørgen”. We both laught a bit about that we said we wante to get fit as the couple. For you who don’t know Marit Bjørgen is one ice the most fit persons I’ve ever seen and the dominating cross country skier for the last I would say at least five years and a top athlete and a member of the Norwegian national team in cross country skiing with Olympic gold medals and World Cup and world championship medals, most of them in gold. 



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