Wednesday BBQ

After the two first days of the month June which is a summer month have given us wind, rain and 8 degrees. I’m celebrating with a Wednesday BBQ now when we have rather sunny, wind and 14 degrees.

I’ve also talked to with my dad that lives in Sweden just to check in and see what he was up to. Except that I took a walk home from work in the sun to recharge my batteries and in order to just enjoy the sun and to move. Because today has also been a day off from workouts. Trying not to open up to aggressive with my workouts in order to avoid becoming sick.

Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow!


Restaurant Review: Munchies

A few days ago I coasted Munchies in Oslo which I’ve heard is the best place in town it you want the bey burger Oslo can offer. Was this true? With very high expectations I visited Munchies.

So lets start with the setting and the interior. It’s located on a narrow street near rather central in Oslo. The interior is Scandinavian design meets Brooklyn with a lot of light and light wood. From the speakers comes lounge music but a bit to loud for my opinion.

Time to focus at the important stuff, the food. I orders the classic burger with fries. This is among the best burgers in Oslo with juicy an crispy both bread and meat. Really liked the burger but also the fries where great. They where a bit thin but I really liked the crispyness.

Also tried the jalapeño mayo whch where good but a bit to spicy and hot for my taste. Tried also the more classic aioli which where good but nothing exceptional.

So how would I grade this place. I would definatley recommend it with out any doubt and right now this is a trendy palce to eat. I would say that there are other places that also have burgers in the same quality but these are real food. The setting I nice but I would wish for a bit more to be honey. I would grade Munchies with 4 out of 5 points!


Reflection on internet use 

I reflected a little bit the last couple f days over my own habits on the the internet. I don’t use Facebook, Instagram and other social media as much as I did earlier. And I don’t perceive that I spend as much time in front of the computer or a screen. Feels quite good to be honest.

But I realize that it also has to do with how much time I work and so on. Rather interesting to think about it and take a moment to reflect upon it.