Grandma and friends

Still a bit in vacation mode and a bit lack of consistent internet but try to blog as much as possible anyway.

Yesterday I meet up with a classmate from the University named A so I picked him up and we drove in the the city and ate at the Dublinera in Gothenburg and just did some catching up. Where a great evening.

Then today have I visited my grandma and just was there and helped her with some minor things. Where nice to see her and its always fun to hangout with grandma.

After that I drove to and picked up G and visit out friends E and N and thei two kids. Was nice to see them and play a bit with the kids.

Here is a picture from today’s visit to my hometown Kungsbacka.



Rollercoaster: X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain

I’ve not been the biggest fan of roller coasters in my life but since I meet my girlfriend G I’ve discovered its something that I really like. So this is only the first post of a many that will show up here at the blog in the future.

So lets start of with the scariest roller coaster I’ve ever tried. The X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain outside of Los Angeles. It’s smooth but it not only gives you loops, twists and dive with you it also gives you music to set you in the right state of mind and rotates you 360 degrees during the ride.

If you are curious about it check it out in the video below TheCoastersViews at YouTube. Then I’ve got to add that the video not nearly can explain how t feels but it give you at least a hint.

Restaurant Review: Cafe GoLo

A few weeks ago I where in San Francisco and visited Cafe GoLo located near Lombard street so here is the review of the place.

It feels like a classic American breakfast place. No special interior but there have some art from local artist and I find the interior okay but not much more than that. But that wasn’t why I tried this place.

This is a small place with friendly staff that serves good breakfast. For me as a European the size of the breakfast plate where great. I had a combo with eggs, bacon and pancakes and a fresh orange juice.

The breakfast where real good and I got some complementary pastries which always is a nice gesture and it tasted great.

If the prices where a few dollars lower I would have given them a 5 star review but because of the fact that the breakfast just wasn’t as good as I would expect of a place with there prices.

So to sum up you go here for a a great breakfast you will get one but it’s rather expensive but tastes very good.

If you want to check it out please check it on yelp at

Its located at:
1602 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA
between Octavia St & United States Highway 101 in Marina/Cow Hollow

Hello Jetlag!

Third day back from California and in Scandinavia. Three days and three countries, USA, Norway and Sweden. First three days I woke up at 04:00 every morning but today is the first day I didn’t wake up at 04:00 so thats nice but I am rather tired but nice I still have vacation and not have to do anything really. Just took a swim in the lake and now I’m sitting in the sun writing on the blog.

Nice to be back on the blog by the way. I have had a few days of problems with internet connections and some traveling and other things I probably will write about a bit later.

Back from California

Just arrived back to Oslo from California. Had a great trip we will recharge the batteries for a while here in Oslo and then continue our vacation in Sweden.

Tonight is all about getting back stuff and start repackaging the bags and such things.

The trip has been good and I will probably write some more about it during the upcoming days.

Day 4 Big Sur and Santa Cruz

Me and G travelled up along highway 1 from Cambria or a bit north of it. First stop where to see the sea elephants which was the first time both me and G saw these enormous animals. That for sure where something new. 

We continued up along highway 1 and the road in this leg is the most beautiful I’ve seen. If you ever get the opportunity to dive here, take it.

We passed Camel by the sea a charming little city and the we made a stop in Monterey to walk on the boardwalk and have a local specialty.

The we ended the day in Santa Cruz eating Mexican food. Where a great day.


Day 3 Camarillo Outlet

Yeaterday where a shopping day and me and G spent most of the day at Camarillo outlet. So we did some shopping but if you’re going here count on spending an whole day here because it’s big and it takes time. Took more time than we expected.

After the visit to the outlet we drove up to Santa Barbara and to a walk on the beach and at the boardwalk before we drive the last leg up to our stay for the night a few miles north of Cambria.

Pretty tired when we arrived. Today we also got a rather long drive in front of us along highway one but we got a little bit of a different strategy today. The basic plan is however to drive up to Santa Cruz. 


Dream about SF

My love for San Fransisco is something else. I visited San Fransisco for 2 weeks when G studied there and during those two weeks I feel in love with the city in a way that never happend before it after that trip. It can be that it’s the longest trip that I’ve done but there where something about it. In fact in my mind I still would say that it’s my number first choice of I should move to a new place. Just the atmosphere of healthiness, technology and acceptance for different lifestyles all in one city. With history, proximity to the sea and the architecture. It all inspires me in so many ways and as the same time I get a relaxed feeling. 

However later this summer I will visit San Fransico again and I’m almost a bit nervous. Will I love it as much this time? I really hope I will enjoy it as much this time but of  that’s the case will I get a need to visit again or more often? Don’t know but either way I’m so excited to see SF again and if you got any recommendations on this to see and do so please leave me a comment.


Day 2 Six Flags Magic Mountain

The road trip continues and yesterday G fulfilled a dream of visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain. Not a life long dream for me but definatley a place I wanted to visit. And what rides they did have. The roller coasters where something that I’ve never explained many of them where awesome.

I did go on a ride that’s over 300 feet tall and the worlds first to go over 100 mph. Superman Escape from krypton. Was so fun to go on that one.

Had a great day! Today the journey continues up the coast for new adventures.


Los Angeles Day 1

A bit hard to sleep but guess it’s the time difference that’s affects me in that way but today has been okay. However lets get to the interesting part. The day started off with breakfast at the hotel and then we drove to Hollywood and saw the Dolby theater which is the place where the Oscars Awrads takes place. We also walked the walk of fame, saw the Hollywood sign and the Chinese theatre. All where cool to see and where out quite early so not to much people yet.

After that we drove down to the Grove Mal and farmers market and where a absolutely beautiful shopping center and I got for the first time the opportunity to try the Apple watch. Amazing.

Then we drove down to Venice beach went a bit on the boardwalk and had lunch before we drove to Santa Monica beach and had a swim and just relaxed for a few hours before we started to drive back to the hotel but on the way we stopped in Malibu and in the Malibu state park and had a short hike.

Where a great first day. Today it’s day 2 and me and G are going to Six flags magic mountain.