Milan, 3 favorites

A while ago I visited Milan and I’ve got some favorites while visiting the beautiful and lovely city that I’ve spent some time in when G where studying there. So I though I would share some of my favorite things in Milan which I also would say work as an introduction course to it if you’re planing to visit Milan.

1. Appertivo

This is m number one of one single reason it’s cheap, tastes good and includes a nice drink. So let me explain the concept of appertivo. Appertivo is a a bit like Swedish after work or a kind of happy hour. You buy a drink but you can often also get a glass of wine inste but that’s the Italian way have I’ve learned. However do you buy a drink for between 6-10 € and then you get to eat as much as you want of the buffé of various Italian food for free. Of course there are good and less good places for this but in Milan I found the district of Navigli to be the best place for appertivo. It’s also a very nice atmosphere that I really liked and enjoyed. This is one of my favorite thing to do in Milan. I know that the concept exists in other parts of Italy as well for example in Rome but it’s not the same thing and in my experience not as good quality. And if should recommend an Italian drink to have I would recommend the Italian drink Spritz.

2. The Duomo and surroundings

The duomo is the huge church in the middle of the city and this is one of the main tourists attraction. I’ve read somewhere that its build to have 50 000 people during a service. That’s as much people as the entire city that my girlfriend is from. It’s also the church where Napoleon where made king of Italy if I recall correctly. Behind the Duomo are a big shopping street that I really could recommend if you’re into that kind of activities.

3. Gelato

Also good related of at least almost. Italian gelato is so good and also in Milan. So why nit find a nice park or place to just hang out and have a gelato? Just to clarify is gelato Italian ice cream and it’s in my opinion the best kind of ice cream I know.


One more thing if your into art and history the last supper is located in Milan and it’s painted on the wall so if you ever want to see this master piece by Leinardo Da Vinci this is the place to do it. It’s a really cool painting and I’m very glad I’ve seen it cause it’s slowly are falling apart as I be understood it’s so see it if you get the opportunity I would say. However if you want to see it book tickets. Advance because it’s hard to get tickets.

Good luck and if you decided to visit Milan, lucky you and have a nice trip.

duomo milan


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