Los Angeles Day 1

A bit hard to sleep but guess it’s the time difference that’s affects me in that way but today has been okay. However lets get to the interesting part. The day started off with breakfast at the hotel and then we drove to Hollywood and saw the Dolby theater which is the place where the Oscars Awrads takes place. We also walked the walk of fame, saw the Hollywood sign and the Chinese theatre. All where cool to see and where out quite early so not to much people yet.

After that we drove down to the Grove Mal and farmers market and where a absolutely beautiful shopping center and I got for the first time the opportunity to try the Apple watch. Amazing.

Then we drove down to Venice beach went a bit on the boardwalk and had lunch before we drove to Santa Monica beach and had a swim and just relaxed for a few hours before we started to drive back to the hotel but on the way we stopped in Malibu and in the Malibu state park and had a short hike.

Where a great first day. Today it’s day 2 and me and G are going to Six flags magic mountain. 



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