Dream about SF

My love for San Fransisco is something else. I visited San Fransisco for 2 weeks when G studied there and during those two weeks I feel in love with the city in a way that never happend before it after that trip. It can be that it’s the longest trip that I’ve done but there where something about it. In fact in my mind I still would say that it’s my number first choice of I should move to a new place. Just the atmosphere of healthiness, technology and acceptance for different lifestyles all in one city. With history, proximity to the sea and the architecture. It all inspires me in so many ways and as the same time I get a relaxed feeling. 

However later this summer I will visit San Fransico again and I’m almost a bit nervous. Will I love it as much this time? I really hope I will enjoy it as much this time but of  that’s the case will I get a need to visit again or more often? Don’t know but either way I’m so excited to see SF again and if you got any recommendations on this to see and do so please leave me a comment.



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