What a start of the week!

Monday and I’ve started of the week with running and now grilling some salmon out on the balcony. I’m trying to enjoy the last piece of summer and the early still rather warm autumn that slowly are getting closer here in Oslo.

Today have I also get selected to become a yelp elite ’15 member which I’m real see as an honor. I’ve been reviewing on yelp rather frequently lately and often I also try to share the reviews here on the blog. They are on there way but not totally there yet.

Also started making plans for the autumn and today I has also a great plans with a few trips to Sweden but also some great guests that will come and visit me in Oslo, work with the board I’m on and a lot of other things. Then this winter I’ve got a trip coming up. Think we will have a great autumn and winter together here at the blog.



Friday Sun

Friday and have high hopes for this evening. My girlfriend G is away with here work so I got some alone time. First of all I hope to get time to work out, after that I’ve got a meeting about Bands of Sweden which I’m involved in. Then I hope to get some time work on some other project, do some small stuff here at home and maybe watch a movie. I know the plan is ambitious so we will see how much I get time to do. Keep you posted about it.

By the way Oslo have today offered its best weather in almost a week which makes me feel in a very good mood. It’s a great Friday!

Dinner out and MDLSF

So the weekend is getting closer and me and G will have different plans tomorrow so we went out and had dinner tonight. Tried a new place called burger terrasse here in Oslo and a review is coming. 

After a nice dinner we went home and did some must do things and saw Million dollar listing San Francisco. Quite like the show.

See you soon again.

Tv, meeting and Indian

So today have I had board meeting, worked, seen a TEDx talk and seen the season final of True Detective season two. A lot of screens but a got a short walk in the Oslo rain at least where I could call my grandma and my dad and gather my thought a little bit. No work out today either but at least I’ve only been eating healthy and today there where Indian wrapped on the menu in my home and G had dinner for me which I really appreciate. Often its me tat make dinner here at home. Now it’s time to read a bit and then sleep. What have you done today? Interested to hear what you’re doing.

Hey, there

A week ago since last time. Right now there is much going on in my life with work, must do stuff, my latest project, getting back into routines and to just get time to spend with G. All this and at the same time try to find some kind of good balance in life. Not easy but I think it works right now with the exception of the blog that I’ve not had time to write at. But had a good couple of days in the beginning of this week and trying to catch up at NHL and other hockey related things in order to be well informed when the seasin starts. Then I’m also trying to find inspiration and me and G are also looking at the second season of True Detective.

That’s all for today but will get back to you all soon again.

Refection on historical storage space at computers

Spending some time in front of my Mac and trying to organize some files and clear some storage at my computer. I see that Ive just got 15 GB left and thinks “that’s nothing”. But really? When I started to use computers 15 GB of storage where so much storage that you couldn’t even imagine it. At the first computers I used there storage space where in MB. Yes, I’m that old for all you younger readers. It’s just funny when you reflect upon it and realize how far your views and perspectives in a matter can change without you even noticing it.

But I love to have a lot of storage spac for my files and because I’m like to photograp I have today several USB drives with storage space in TB.

Grandma at Instagram 

Just couldn’t resist to write about this. My grandma who is well over 80 years just added me on Instagram. I know she like to keep up with “modern” technology but this one wouldn’t I even imagine. Tech grandma that’s cool. So when I visited her this weekend she posted a photo of me. So impressed by her.

Hope I’m they curious when I’m I here age. And if someone asks she’s 25 years.

Rollercoaster: Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is probably the best roller coaster ride I’ve ever tried and its also the first one I tried where you are lying down. It’s smooth, give you a thrill and a good feeling in the entire body. This is something new and its great, you can feel the G force and it has all the twist, turns, dives and a loop. I can’t come up with something that I would like to have more from this roller coaster except that it would be nice if it where a bit longer but don’t you wish that in all roller coasters?

As usually I’ve attached a video that can’t explain it but at least give you a hint of what this roller coaster is all about from TheCoasterViews at YouTube here below.

A new trip booked!

Yes! Today I got the good news. Me and G have booked a trip in the end of this year and the beginning of next year to a warm place outside of Scandinavia together with her family. At least everything looks like it will be reality right now. If there not are any problems within the next couple days I will tell you more about the trip but it takes me the most far away form home ever and will be something totally new for me.

Working into the routines 

Back in Oslo and working to get good routines for my everyday life here Oslo and it’s not that easy. But right now it feels Iike I’m slowly are getting into routines.

Yesterday me and G took a long power walk after work and just talked and had a real nice walk through Oslo. We stopped by a Mexican take away place and I had the best burrito I’ve ever tasted so far. We discussed a possible trip with G’s family that they have suggested. Right now it’s just discussion but would be nice if we could make it a reality. And if we get away on the trip I will write about it.

Otherwise I did some things that I had to do and then fell asleep.