Renewed subscription

Last night I renewed my subscription on Time Maggazine. A magazine that I like to read and especially when I travel. I almost always pick up this magazine when I’m in an airport if I can. 

This time I wasn’t in an airport, I was at home in my bed and wanted something to read on my iPad that not was a book and thy gives my food for thoughts. I like to learn more about the world and I find Time to be such a way.


On the phone 

Since I live and work in Norway my family and my friends back home are located at a distance. But in order to keeping touch with them I try to text, e mail and call regularly. It’s become a part a routine. And I know my girlfriend G has similar habit at least with her family.

So today on my way home I in the lovely autumn weather I made some calls. No one answered but because of the weather as that I was in a good mood I walked home and just enjoyed the evening. 

After that I texted with mom, dad called so I have talked with him in the phone and my close fried a S called so we talked and discussed to try to see each other hopefully by the end of October. Which I really hope we can make something out of.

Time to go to bed for me now. How was your day?


Bali booked!

Time to just announce the news. I’ve booked a trip to Bali this winter and I’m so much looking forward to it. I need been to Asia for real so this will be the first time and I’ve heard so much about Bali and are looking forward to the trip a lot.

G are probably more excited than me and she has already ordered the lonely planet book for Bali. So I’m looking forward to the winter this year.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

So a while back my second cousin recommended this tv series to me and today I’ve been trying to relax after work and seen a few episodes.

For you who not know the serie it’s a comedy cop serie that take place in a precinct in Broklyn. And usually the cop comedy series are not that goo but this is. In fact it’s a real goo comedy serie and I like it a lot. 

I would grade it 4 out o 5 points.


Swedish Hockey Leauge has started

So finally the hockey season have started at least here in Sweden. For the NHL I will have to wait some more before but I will manage. However, the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) is for you who don’t know the third best league in the world after the NHL and KHL. Its also a league that produces a lot of players to the both there other leagues and especially the NHL.

I haven’t got the opportunity to watch any game so far because I live in Norway its make it a bit more difficult to watch but I solve it from time to time anyway.

So far both Färjestad and Frölunda are the only two teams that won both their games so far. But from what I predict for this season these two teams should be two of the contenders for the title this year. Even if you really can’t make any predictions from the results so far. However my predictions for these two teams are more built on what players they have on the roster this year.

Are you interested in SHL and like it or want to know more, please leave a comment below.

Hotel Review: Heavenly Valley Lodge

During me and my girlfriend G’s road trip through California we did a two nights stop in South Lake Tahoe and stayed at Heavenly Vally Lodge. This show itself be one of the best places we stopped during the entire trip. This is a bed and breakfast run by a lovely couple that took very well care of us, they made breakfast every morning, made sure we had fresh and new water bottles at our room and cookies, have is discounts in places nearby and a nice introduction to the area. They also arranged a cocktail hour every day which we unfortunately missed during our stay but that seam very popular and good.

The rooms had all you could ask for but where a bit small but it didn’t do anything for us. There where probably the most cosy rooms I ever stayed in. Can’t say anything negative about this place and because of that I can just highly recommend it and give it 5 out 5 points.




Hotel Review: Lombard Motor Inn

Stayed at the Lombard Motor Inn during my road trip through California and during my final stop in San Francisco I stayed there. Its located in the central parts of San Francisco on Lombard Street a few hundred meters from the “famous” part of the street and within walking distance from the Marina.

Parking where included but it was rather full when we where there so they ran out of parking but they solved it.

The service where good and the rooms clean, but they had no refrigerator but there where a ice machine and an ice bucket to keep things cold. A continent store around the corner and a decent distance to restaurants even it the area closest to the hotel mainly where motels and hotels.

Absolutely a hotel that good you good value for money but its no luxury hotel. For my purposes it worked more than fine. I would recommend it if you just need a place to sleep and to stay for a few days in San Fransisco. So th grade for this place is 3 out of 5 points and  I would recommend it!

1st NFL Sunday of the year

Time for the first NFL Sunday of the year and even if the 49ers don’t play today I watch sea hawks vs rams. Have the game on in the background just to follow it at the same time as I’m preparing some post for the blog that will be published later on this week and making some Italian pizza. You who follow the blog might already know that I really like Italian food.

If you got any NFL podcasts to recommend  or Italian recipes for me your more than welcome to leave a comment below or if you just have anything else you want to comment on.

I also writing some reviews on my yelp account and preparing some stuff for the upcoming week.

Restaurant Review: Go’Grilla Food Truck

A few weeks ago I tried my first burger from a food truck here in Oslo and here is the review.

So this where among the first time that I’ve tried a food truck in Oslo. But the it was with great success. Bought a burger to eat a home and took it with me and enjoyed it at my own balcony in the sun.

I ate the Austin Burger which probably is among the best burgers that I ever tasted. At first the burger seam to be a bit small but the burger it self is rather thick which makes it taste just great. The meat was grilled to medium which where just what it was and it still had the crispiness at the outside just as I want it. The BBQ-sause to all of this and the onion where just great. Have I anything bad to say about this, no I don’t and that why the grade just can be one thing.

This among the best burger I’ve ever eaten anywhere in the world and absolutely the best Scandinavian burger I’ve tasted so far. Highly recommend to try this place out. There is no other option in my world that grade this place with 5 out of 5 points!

Tech evening

Not so much photos on the blog lately but I’m experiences a few problem when I try to upload them but I’m working in the problem. This is really important for be right now because I just transferred a lot of pictures from this summer to my Mac and super excited to share it with you. 

I also updating my iOS units right now and preparing them for the Apple event next week where I expect iOS9 to all my devices. And I really hoping for a new iPhone as well.