Trying the Boomerang app

For the last few days I’ve been trying the app Boomerang that’s the latest app from Instagram and Facebook. Real simple design and looks good and easy to use but to be honest not very useful. Only time I’ve used in a good was so far is when I threw leafs in the park last Sunday.

To summarize, design and user friendliness is great but purpose of the app is a bit more unclear to me.


A visit from Mr. A

Today My girlfriend G are leaving for Germany where she will spend time with some friends while I will stay in Oslo. But I’ve got a friend that’s coming to visit which I’m really looking forward to. Haven’t seen A since this summer where we meet up in Gothenburg so will be nice to catch up and get another great weekend in Oslo. 

Restaurant Review: Taco República, Oslo

Walked by a few weeks ago and because I’m a big fan of Mexican food me and my girlfriend tried it out for lunch.

At a first glance this place gives you kind of a trendy atmosphere but when you look closer it’s a nice restaurant with a chill interior but not as trendy as I first perceived it as. It’s a popular place to go but we got the last table.

We tried the tacos and I’ve got to say that the pork tacos where the best. They also had a good lemonade that I enjoyed. The food is good and authentic Mexican food, at least that’s what it tastes like.

There service is shifting just by the time I visited I found the some of the staff is real friendly and some are acting a bit strange.

But if you like Mexican food, its not the best place in town but it have good food and I would still think its worth trying out and I give it 3 out 5 points.

Talking on the phone

Yesterday and talked to both my best friends the first one is my lifeguarding buddy S. We call each other when we’re on our way home from work from time to time when we get the opportunity and discuss everything so that was a great call just what I needed. Unfortunately my battery ran out of energy because of the cold weather but it was nice anyway and I will give him a call soon again.

Then I skyped with Alexander and we worked with our project Banda of Sweden mainly but also a great call. So what a day!


Winter time

The night to Sunday the passed weekend we turned all clocks back one hour. I don’t know if this is something that exists in the rest of the world but in Sweden and Norway we do this in order to adjust our lives to the time the sun is up.

So I got to sleep for one extra hour the night until Sunday. So if you’re going to Sweden and Norway make sure to keep track on the time.

Short Sunday Hike

Usually I’m hiking in the northern parts of Oslo but for the first time I was hiking in the eastern parts of Oslo yesterday. And what a place I hiked up to. Hiked up on the mountain Grefsenkollan during the afternoon and got the last sun of the day. Didn’t have the camera with me but had my phone that’s getting old and died after 5 photos but here are a few of them. But I got to say that the photos don’t make the view justice so if you’re visiting I could recommend this place.


The Kontiki Museum 

This weekend I had guest here in Oslo, Norway. So I showed them around to different sights here in Oslo. And one of these places where the Kontiki museum. The museum is about the Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and his expeditions around the world where Kontiki is the most famous.

During the Kontiki expidition Thor and his crew build a wooden raft in balsa wood and sailed it for 100 days between South America and Polynesia in order to show that the people from Polynesia came from South American and not Asia.

The position took place in 1948 and during this expedition the crew at Kontiki documented the entire trip. It all ended up in a documentary that later won an Oscars Award for best documentary in 1950. A documentary that I really could recommend.

The expedition has also become adventure and history movie of a bit more fictional type but still based on the true events and story of reality. That movie where released in 2012 and is also a move that I would recommend.

Here is a link if you would like to visit the museum or get more information about it.
Here is a photo from the visit yesterday.


M & K visiting

It’s weekend and me and G are getting visitors. We tried to get this together for probably over a yer but it has come a lot of stuff in between. So I’m so happy that our friends M and K are visiting us this weekend. For you who read the blog earlier M is my second cousin and K are her husband and if I recall correctly there is a blog post about us attending there wedding last summer.

They will stay with us and we will show them around here in Oslo but most of all we will hangout and catch up.

News: comment on the school attack in Sweden

I usually don’t comment on news on the blog but I just had to. I am from the western parts of Sweden, my girlfriends G have connections to Trollhättan Her grandpa lives in Trollhättan, her mom and uncle went to school there and I’ve been there and I pass though from time to time. An attack where innocent people get killed is just unbelievable. Honestly I never thought I could happed in Sweden but unfortunately it could.

My thoughts goes out to the people affected by this event.

This affected me and I just had to write something about it. I’ve been talking to my family today and checked in on almost all of them. Take care of each other out there!

Attached a clip from the news feed today about it.

Movie Review: Exodus and kings

A while ago I got some time over and I got the opportunity to watch the movie Exodus and kings. What I at first thought was just a action movie a bit like Troy or 300. In one way it where like these movies but in another way it wasn’t the story appeared to be a story from the bible about Moses and Egypt. And the actor playing the role as Moses where Christian Bale. There are several actors you recognize but their performance is not adding much to the story of I’m going to be honest. However it’s not bad acting but it’s okay.

When it comes to the scenery it’s good but I can’t get rid of the feeling of visual effects and I feel like it can be visual effects without me feeling this way.

It was a good action movie but as so many movies it was 2,5 hour and for the sake of the the story I don’t think it would be a wise move if it where a bit shorter. It’s a action movie and you get pretty much what you expect.

I think it’s was a good movie and liked it. In fact I would en recommend it. I would give it 3 out of 5 points. Attached the trailer here below.